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Full-Service Dental Practice Delivering Desired Results In California

    Good oral health is a great self-confidence booster. Besides, it’s essential for maintaining optimal overall health and wellness. Smile Perfector Dental Group is a comprehensive dental healthcare center offering exceptional results to patients across Miracle Mile, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. Under the leadership of Carthay sleep apnea specialist, Dr. David Shouhed, DDS, the practice has received recognition for offering the safest and most effective oral procedures. Visit the website or call Smile Perfector Dental Group to learn about the treatments offered at the practice.

    Meet the Providers

    All leading providers at Smile Perfector Dental Group, from the dental experts to the supportive staff who make sure the facility operates smoothly, are selectively picked from some of California’s best leading dental experts. At the helm of this facility is cosmetic dentist Dr. David Shouhed, DDS, and Implant & Surgical dentistry specialist Dr. Alan Lavian, DDS.

    Other providers include dental hygienists, Giselle and Erika. This team of providers are quite compassionate and friendly. They dedicate their practice to offering the most effective treatments. Feel free to raise any concerns or queries about the practice to your select provider at Smile Perfector Dental Group. If you’d like to realize a positive difference in your smile, schedule a consultation.


    Significant effort has gone into developing a modernized, comfortable, and secure office environment at Smile Perfector Dental Group. The facility features some of the most advanced technologies, from recordkeeping, which simplifies billing and scheduling, to ultrasound imaging. They welcome patients of all ages, making them a reliable family dental practice. Patients can benefit from a wide range of services, including, but not limited to, dental implants, dentures, cleanings, bridges, veneers, fillings, crowns, clear aligners, and oral exams.

    In addition, Smile Perfector Dental Group offers treatment for sleep apnea and Botox procedures for both medical and aesthetic applications. The providers allow same-day-appointments for emergency conditions. Most services are delivered in-house, thus enhancing the patient experience.

    Smile Perfector Dental Group takes a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, meaning various professionals must come together to evaluate the patient’s condition and their unique goals and needs before developing a customized treatment plan. The practice showcases some of their successful procedures in the ‘smile gallery.’ Visit the website to see some of these before & after photos or schedule for a consultation right away. 

    In conclusion, Smile Perfector Dental Group is the ultimate solution to all your dental healthcare needs. At the facility, appointments take all the necessary time, and patient education is integrated into all conversations. Smile Perfector Dental Group is currently welcoming new patients to their office in Carthay neighborhood, Los Angeles, CA. Enjoy comprehensive dental care that meets your unique needs and goals by scheduling an appointment today with Smile Perfector Dental Group by calling the office or booking online.