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Fully Personalized Treatment for Bunions in Katy, Texas

    About ten to twenty-five percent of American adults have a bunion. In some cases, you may rule out a bunion as a condition that goes away after some time. Unfortunately, without appropriate care, a bunion causes immense pain that may render you immobile for a while. Katy Foot & Ankle offers treatment for each bunion in Katy, TX, through conservative and surgical remedies.

    What is a Bunion?

    A bunion is a sensitive bony growth that develops on the outside of your foot’s edges at your big toe’s base. For a bunion to grow, your foot takes excess pressure that makes bones in your toe fall out of place and protrude outwards.

    Bunions are associated with various causes. However, the most common causes of bunions include foot abnormalities, arthritis, and too-tight shoes squeezing your toes together.

    Symptoms of Bunions

    The common symptoms of bunions include:

    ·       Corns and calluses

    ·       Persistent pain

    ·       Swelling at the base of your big toe

    ·       Difficulty moving or wiggling your big toe

    If unattended, a bunion grows, making it hard to add weight to the affected toe.

    Bunions and the Risk of Other Foot Problems

    Seek immediate medical attention to avoid the development of foot-related problems like:

    §  Metatarsalgia

    In the case of metatarsalgia, the ball of your foot becomes swollen and inflamed. Metatarsalgia results from gait alterations brought about by a bunion.

    §  Hammertoe

    In case of an imbalance in the muscles and tendons responsible for holding your toe straight, you may develop a hammertoe. You may create an abnormal bend, pain, and stiffness.

    §  Bursitis

    Bursitis occurs in cases where fluid-filled sacs cushioning your bones are inflamed or irritated. Bursitis causes lots of pain that can limit your ability to work out or exercise.

    Diagnosis of Bunions

    When diagnosing a bunion, the team at Katy Foot & Ankle, PLLC, runs a physical examination of your foot and asks relevant questions to comprehend your symptoms. For further accuracy, your provider may recommend an x-ray to look beyond what the eye sees.

    Treatment of Bunions

    Bunions are treated through conservative treatment options or surgical procedures. The team at Katy Foot & Ankle uses traditional treatment options to manage bunions. Your provider considers your symptoms to recommend conventional remedies like:

    ü  Applying ice

    ü  Using heel pads or inserts

    ü  Wearing more comfortable and supportive footwear

    ü  Taking over-the-counter medication

    If your bunion is unresponsive to the remedies above, your practitioner may recommend surgery to ease the pain and help you resume daily activities. Your provider considers the location, size, and severity of symptoms to determine the best bunion surgery.

    Other Services Offered at Katy Foot & Ankle

    You may also visit the practice for a specialized approach to:

    Ø  Ingrown toenails

    Ø  Fractures

    Ø  Heel pain

    Ø  Plantar fasciitis

    Ø  Ankle replacement

    Ø  Foot and ankle pain

    Ø  Achilles tendon

    Wrapping Up

    If untreated, bunions limit your movement and quality of life by causing pain that accelerates the development of foot-related complications. Fortunately, you can benefit from conservative or surgical treatment procedures. Call Katy Foot & Ankle or book ab appointment to discover more about bunions and bunion treatment options designed for your needs.