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Fun Summer Colours Every Guy Should Wear

    Black, grey, white, and navy are definitely the colour staples in every guy’s wardrobe, especially in the colder seasons. 

    However, summer is the perfect time to try something new, different, and fun! In recent years, many colours traditionally considered “feminine” have made it to men’s fashion. And we love that!

    These trends allow guys to feel more comfortable choosing brighter and more exciting clothes as well as gives more options for daily outfits.

    That’s why we’re thrilled to let you know – the summer season is open, and so is the quest for the most exciting clothing. 

    Here are fun summer colours every guy should wear.

    Colours of 2021 

    This year, the Pantone Color Institute experts wanted Spring/Summer 2021 season to emphasize our desire for a range of colours that inspires ingenuity and inventiveness. These colours offer a lot of flexibility, freedom of choice and easily adapt to whatever lifestyle, whether you like to make a statement or just add a little splash to your regular look.   

    The colour of the year 2021 is illuminating yellow. Among the other picks are marigold, orange, blue, indigo, purple rose.

    Shades of yellow

    Yellow may not be the favourite colour for many guys, but if there was ever a time to incorporate it into your wardrobe, this is it. 

    Yellow works great with grey and navy, so by simply adding a yellow t-shirt to your rotation, you’re already trending. Of course, make sure you pick a high-quality v-neck t-shirt like the ones from Fresh Clean Tees for the ultimate effect, as your high school chess team tee with scrappy logos won’t do it.

    There are plenty of shades of yellow to choose from, starting from light lemon, golden yellow, deep yellow, and ending with marigold. 

    Fun fact – yellow symbolizes optimism and strength, so wear it when you need a little boost! 

    Bright sports colours

    This is a fun one, especially if you feel nostalgia for the 80s, 90s, and even early 00s and retro sportswear!

    If a few years back, wearing something in super bright red, blue, or especially neon green was almost unthinkable, today it’s all the rage!

    You can try these colours in your leisure and sportswear first and then graduate to daily and formal wear. A red or blue blazer looks so good! 

    Lastly, if you want to take an even braver step, get something in ultraviolet or purple. This colour is the hottest this season; just make sure you tread carefully! 

    Pastel dreams

    Pastel colours take a more sophisticated approach for Spring/Summer 2021 with darker tints that tone down previously sugary shades, and lilacs and aqua hues expand the menswear palette beyond the staple core and neutral colours.

    We love this trend for guys, especially in the summer, as pastel colours create a soft, calm, serene look and are so much more exciting on a warm night than your old white and navy combos. 

    Toned-down blue

    The more conservative guys will rejoice hearing that blue is one of the colours for the season. In this case, we’re not talking navy or classic blue, but a dusty, toned-down colour that almost resembles grey. 

    This colour is the perfect choice for your summer suit, linen trousers or shirts, and any accessories such as ties, scarves, and even hats. 

    Easy to pair – it works with navy, white, grey, beige – the toned-down blue is a definite must-have this season.

    Pickled green 

    The pickled green colour is another option for those looking to follow the latest trends. Pantone described it as a “garden variety green, both mildly sweet and pleasantly tangy,” and we have to admit that we really like it! 

    It’s a bold colour, so if you’re not sure how to handle it, incorporate it modestly, e.g., in the form of socks or a cap. However, if you’re looking to go all out, we love a pickled green shirt, t-shirt, or tracksuit!