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    If you have a sharp pain in your teeth each time you chew into something cool, hot, sweet, or acidic go to Madison Family Dental Group. The group is led by Shiva Salehi, DDS, to determine how you can treat your tooth sensitivity. Shiva Salehi, DDS, is known for the best Fair Oaks tooth sensitivity treatment. Try not to let tooth sensitivity keep you from making the most of your food and beverage consumption. Madison Family Dental Group is situated in Fair Oaks, California.

    Tooth sensitivity

    Tooth sensitivity, otherwise called root sensitivity or dentin extreme touchiness, is when your tooth (or teeth) feels agony or uneasiness when they come into contact with:

    •       Hot or cold food and drink
    •       Cold air
    •       Sweet food or drink
    •       Exceptionally acidic food or drink

    Tooth sensitivity is extremely normal. Around a large portion of the American populace encounters it consistently, although it can go back and forth over the long haul.

    What causes tooth sensitivity?

    Regularly, tooth sensitivity happens when your teeth’ dentin layer loses its defensive covering, which on the crown is enamel, and on the root is cementum.

    The dentin contains endless minuscule tubules brimming with sensitive spots. If an external layer doesn’t encircle the dentin, the nerves are exposed to warm and cool temperatures, sweet nourishments and drinks, and acidic and tacky substances which all can prompt torment.

    The most normal reasons that you lose your lacquer or cementum layers include:

    •       Tooth rot and periodontal illness
    •       Broken teeth
    •       Grinding teeth at night
    •       Tooth disintegration from an eating regimen high in causticity
    •       Tooth disintegration from GERD or bulimia
    •       Flawed and worn-out fillings
    •       Veneer wear from exuberant brushing or rough toothpaste

    Another basic reason for tooth sensitivity is gum downturn, which uncovered your tooth roots. Around 80% of grown-ups have retreated gums by the age of 65.

    Additionally, numerous individuals experience brief tooth sensitivity after dental procedures, for example, crown position, fillings, and teeth brightening.

    How would you treat tooth sensitivity?

    Dr. Salehi’s methodology for treating your tooth sensitivity relies upon its starting point. For instance, if she discovers that you have touchy teeth because of depression, tooth rot, or another oral issue, she treats the basic reason to determine your sensitivity.

    On the off chance that you have uncovered tooth roots from retreated gums, she may propose a gum graft. At times, there’s no immediate connection between an oral condition and your tooth sensitivity. Dr. Salehi can play out a desensitizing treatment like an in-office fluoride gel treatment. She may likewise endorse or propose a desensitizing toothpaste.

    Madison Family Dental Group is an all-in-one resource for families and youthful experts the same. The center offers dental crowns, dental crisis care, dental tests, root channel treatment, grin makeovers, teeth brightening, tooth sensitivity treatment, jaw torment treatment, along with many other procedures.

    If tooth sensitivity makes them recoil, contact Madison Family Dental Group to schedule an appointment today; you can call or utilize the web-based booking apparatus.