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Get a Younger and Refreshed Look with Fat Transfer Treatment in Houston, TX

    We all want to keep a young and fresh look as long as possible. Unfortunately, as we age, our skin, particularly around the eyes, forehead, and jawline, can start sagging, resulting in an older and wrinkled appearance. Dr. Cecil Yeung, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon at the Yeung Institute, provides facial fat transfer in Houston to effectively plump up your face and leave you looking younger and refreshed. The doctor utilizes a personalized approach based on your needs to develop a fat transfer plan that fits your wishes. To learn more, call or book a consultation online today.

    What Exactly is Facial Fat Transfer?

    Also referred to as fat grafting, a facial fat transfer involves taking fat from various parts of your body such as your buttocks, hips, or belly and attaching it to your sagging or hollow parts of your face. It is normal to lose some fat in your facial areas with aging, causing your facial features to look sagging, wrinkled, and tired. Losing facial fat often results in drooping eyelids, baggy eyes as well as a sagging brow line. This facial fat transfer procedure restores the lost volume to the parts of your face where you require it most. This will result in a younger-looking and fuller appearance. At Yeung Institute, Dr. Cecil Yeung often offers facial fat transfer procedures together with a facelift for the best results.

    Is A Fat Transfer Procedure Safe?

    The short answer is yes! The facial fat transfer procedure is very safe. The fat is obtained from your own natural body and then processed so that the doctor can inject it into the various parts of your face. Because fat is not a foreign constituent, it is safer for your body than most dermal fillers. This fact is particularly advantageous to individuals with sensitivities or allergies to the ingredients used in dermal fillers.

    What Results Can You Expect After A Facial Fat Transfer?

    After undertaking a facial fat transfer, you should expect to enjoy long-lasting results. The fat injected into the areas around your eyes and mouth increases plumpness, so your skin looks more youthful. One of the major benefits of getting a fat transfer is that fat cells can survive for long. Therefore, more cells will survive after the transfer leading to better results. The doctor recommends you avoid trauma, stress, and other things that may harm your face for about two weeks after undertaking the procedure. This will help in optimizing the results of your facial fat transfer. The procedure does not involve any incisions, so there will be no scarring, but you will be required to protect the fat during the period of adapting to its new area.

    To sum up, don’t struggle with low confidence and self-esteem due to a sagging or wrinkled face. At Yeung Institute’s state-of-the-art surgery center, Dr. Yeung is experienced in performing fat transfer procedures to give you a younger and refreshed look. Find out if you are the ideal candidate for the procedure by calling or booking an appointment online today.