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Get Back Your Dream Smile

    Losing teeth can be a nightmare because it ruins your bright smile hence lowering your self-esteem.  You can lose your teeth through severe injuries, tooth decay, or gum disease. Whichever the case, worry not because Temecula implants have come up with a great solution that is more permanent to restore your smile.

    When you visit Sunshine Dental Inc, you will meet Dr. Phillip and his team of specialists who will take you through the overview of dental implant procedures that they use to give back your bright smile.

    What is a dental implant?

    Your doctor will let you know that this is a procedure that he uses to replace teeth roots with metal screw-like posts to replace damaged teeth with an artificial one that looks and functions like the previous real one.

    Why you should go for a dental implant

    Your doctor will let you know why you choose a dental implant and advice if it is right for you.

    •         It is best if you are missing one or more teeth.
    •         Have a healthy tissue
    •         If your jawbone has reached full growth
    •         Do not have health conditions that will affect bone healing
    •         Are willing to commit several months to the process
    •         If you can have a bone graft

    Because the procedure involves different specialist, your doctor will let you know that you need a detailed evaluation to prepare for the process. These are:

    •         Your medical history review
    •         A comprehensive dental exam
    •         The treatment plan

    Your doctor will also share the two anesthesia options with you to control pain and let you choose your option. He will also talk to you about eating and drinking before surgery.

    What to expect

    Your doctor will explain to you the different steps involved since the procedure is performed in stages. The steps are:

    •         Jawbone preparation if grafting is needed: Your doctor will perform a jaw grafting procedure if your jawbone is not thick enough or it is too soft to support the implant.


    •         Dental implant placement: Your doctor will be opening your gum by making a cut, which will expose your gum. He then drills a hole into the bone to enable him to place the dental implant metal post.


    •         Bone growth and healing: Your jawbone grows into and unites with the surface of the dental implant.


    •         Abutment placement: Your doctor will reopen your gum and expose the dental implant. He then attaches an abutment to the dental implant and closes the gum tissue avoiding the abutment.


    •         Artificial tooth placement: After your gum is healed, you, together with your dentist, will choose artificial teeth that can be removable, fixed, or both.

    Removable: This is similar to a removable denture.  Can be removed for repair or cleaning.

    Fixed: The artificial tooth is permanently screwed onto your implant abutment. You cannot remove it for cleaning or during sleep.

    After the procedure

    Your doctor will prescribe some antibiotics and pain medication if you experience swelling of your gums, bruising of your skin and gums, pain at the implant site, or minor bleeding.

    For more details about dental implants, call to book an appointment with your doctor at Sunshine Dental Inc.