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Get Relief from the Symptoms of Menopause

    Women’s health care is a sensitive subject for most people. Finding the right OB/GYN can be tough, wherever you live. For the women of Southwest Florida, Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples offers a complete range of women’s health services. Their team of board-certified physicians, including Nathalie Gutierres-Prieto OBGYN, offers preventative care, well-woman exams, comprehensive family planning, infertility services, Botox, and menopause treatments, just to name a few.


    One of the issues that all women face is the onset of menopause. Not only is it a time of tremendous physical changes, but it is also a very emotional time for many women. However, it is also very misunderstood. If you ever needed guidance through your female journey, menopause is definitely that time.

    The menopause experience is different for every woman, but there are some issues that are faced by all. While the severity of them can vary widely, hot flashes are something that nearly every woman deals with during menopause. All women face the same list of health risks that go along with low estrogen levels, and at least 50% of women will develop vaginal atrophy after menopause. The professional team at Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples helps women deal with the challenges of the journey through menopause and post-menopause.

    Menopause doesn’t just happen out of the blue. Before menopause comes perimenopause. During perimenopause, the ovaries begin to produce a lower amount of estrogen. Generally, there is a change in the menstrual cycles. They could get shorter or longer, become irregular, and a heavier or lighter than usual blood flow may occur.

    When Does Menopause Occur?

    So, when does menopause begin? The time frame is different for each woman. When your ovaries quit producing estrogen, you won’t have a monthly cycle anymore. The average age for the onset of menopause is 51 years old, but it can happen anytime during your 40s and 50s.

    Just as it is with menstrual cycles, the symptoms of menopause can be very different from person to person. They can range from very light to severe and can happen during perimenopause and long after you have reached menopause. Examples of common symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, night sweats, lowered sex drive, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and mood swings. Some have problems with frequent or difficult urination.

    The loss of estrogen during menopause can put you at a greater risk for several health conditions. Some women experience vaginal atrophy, which is the drying out, thinning, or inflammation of the walls of the vagina. The chance of incurring bone loss is raised, as is the risk of heart disease. Dry wrinkly skin, hair loss, and urinary incontinence can also strike.

    Hormone Replacement Therapy

    So, what can you do to keep from experiencing these and other problems during menopause? The most promising way to keep both the symptoms of menopause and the health problems it causes away is through hormone replacement therapy, or HRT. This process returns your hormone levels to normal and is very effective in the struggle against menopause.

    Despite its proven record, many women are still unsure about hormone replacement therapy. If you have questions about its safety and effectiveness, you should make an OB/GYN appointment.

    The team of physicians at Women’s Healthcare of Naples can help you determine whether HRT is right for you. Don’t let menopause steal all the joy from your life. Fight back with help from Women’s Healthcare of Naples.