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Get to Learn More About Concussions

    A concussion is a type of brain damage that is commonly seen in people taking part in sports. It is mainly caused by a blow, a bump, or a jolt to the head or when the head is hit, making the head and brain move back and forth rapidly. The sudden movement makes your brain twist or bounces in the skull, causing some chemical changes in the brain or, at times, stretching and damaging your brain cells. For concussions in Oakhurst, one can find treatment using non-operative techniques and medications to manage the symptoms of concussions; hence, preventing long-term side effects. The Concussion management clinic in Edmonton provides concussion victims with complete concussion management programs. They value a strong alliance with your primary health care provider in order to provide necessary concussions care.

    What is a concussion?

    It is a common type of traumatic brain injury mainly caused by whiplash or blow that makes your head and brain shake. The sudden movement of the head and brain result in a momentarily altered mental state.

    What are the symptoms of a concussion?

    Most people usually assume that consciousness loss occurs due to concussions which is not true because unconsciousness is a concussion symptom. Other concussion symptoms may include headache, confusion, memory loss, dizziness, sensitivity to light, drowsiness, loss of balance, nausea or vomiting, and double or blurred vision. Learning how to identify the symptoms of concussion yourself is an important skill, especially when you take care of small children who cannot communicate. A child with concussions may present with vomiting, loss of balance, excessive crying, increased irritability, changes in sleeping behaviors, dazed appearance, listlessness, apathy towards toys and people, or loss of appetite. In some cases, the symptoms of concussion may be seen months after an injury.

    What are the causes of a concussion?

    The brain is usually cushioned by cerebrospinal fluid found inside the skull. However, if you take part in activities that make your skull jolt violently, it makes your brain hit the sides of your skull. Sports are a common cause of concussions, mainly high-impact sports such as hockey, football, or boxing. Putting on protective gear cannot completely prevent concussions. Additionally, high-impact collisions like motor vehicle or motorcycle accidents can also cause concussions. You can also be at risk of having more concussions after you have experienced them.

    What are treatment options available for concussions?

    The treatment option used to treat concussions varies depending on the symptoms one might be experiencing. The health care provider uses a range of non-operative treatment options available to manage concussions including therapies, pain killers, and mind-body techniques. After recovering from concussions, the specialist encourages you to restrain from taking part in strenuous activities, avoid traveling by motorcycles, cars, or bikes, and also get enough rest as possible. The care providers observe and treat concussion symptoms to enable one to heal faster; hence, preventing long-lasting brain damage.

    Suppose you or your loved one has been diagnosed with concussions; visit Kai Sports Medicine LLC today to receive your treatment. The care providers in this facility focus on managing concussion symptoms using non-operative techniques including using painkillers to relieve pain. The treatment aims to promote patient comfort and prevent further complications including permanent brain damage.