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Get Your Glow On! A 5-Step Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin

    If you have even a passing interest in skincare, you have probably seen routines designed for oily skin that are anywhere from two to 20 steps long. Who has time for a ten-step method twice a day?

    In reality, managing your oily skin doesn’t require an army of products. Overloading your skin can make some of your problems worse. A quick, five-step skin routine with the right products can change your skin for the better.

    Keep reading for our five-step skin care routine for oily skin.

    1. Cleanse

    The most important thing you need to know about oily skin types is that they don’t require more products. They require a different kind of products.

    One of your superhero products is your cleanser. You want to cleanse twice a day every day to manage your excess sebum. If your current skin care routine isn’t working, then it could be an issue with your cleansing product.

    Look out for gentle cleansers with active ingredients like tea tree oil, sulfur, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid. All of these mop up the oiliness and prepare your skin for the next steps.

    1. Cleanse Again

    You cleansed once. Now it’s time to do it again!

    When you have oily skin, it’s hard to remove all the impurities and bacteria in one swoop without harsh cleansers. However, you can use two gentle cleansers to “double cleanse” your face and help clear up and prevent breakouts.

    1. Tone

    Not everyone needs a toner, but if you have oil or acne-prone skin, then you do.

    Today’s toners are packed with hydrogen and oxygen, as well as other active ingredients designed to hydrate your skin and remove dead cells. You’ll also find toners out there for every skin type. But for your skin, you’ll want one with salicylic acid to remove oil without drying.

    1. Moisturize

    When you have oily skin, shopping for moisturizers is not far off of navigating a minefield. Moisturizers aren’t cheap, but you find out very quickly if they clog your pores and stir up acne. However, moisturizing is vital for the health of your skin – no matter what skin type you have.

    The best moisturizers for oily skin are oil-free and lightweight. If you’re prone to breakouts, then you’ll want something that’s non-comedogenic.

    It’s also good to find products that include additional hydration measures. Moisturizers with hyaluronic acid pack in the moisture, which comes with a long list of benefits. These benefits include reducing the appearance of blemishes and keeping your skin young

    1. Clay Masks

    The final step of a skin care routine for oily skin is a clay mask. Clay masks absorb oil and remove trapped dirt and impurities. However, you don’t need to wear one every day.

    A clay mask can dry your skin if used too frequently. So, add it it into your routine two to three times a week, depending on your product.

    What’s Your Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin?

    You don’t need a 20-step skin care routine for oily skin. Rather than worrying about applying a million products, most people find the most success when they choose the right products for their skin.

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