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Getting Healthy: 5 Ways to Radically Improve Your Health

    It’s a long life, and it’s important that we take the time to keep ourselves healthy throughout it. As the new year begins again, you might be thinking about how to approach this new year with better health resolutions in mind.

    There are a lot of different ways to approach your health and a general sense of happiness. These don’t always have to be huge life changes, in many ways they can be quite simple. If you’re serious about getting healthy, what matters at the end of the day is your commitment to them.

    Even if you only have a few minutes a day to spare, you can implement a few of the below tips. 

    1. Stop Using Salt

    What is one of the least healthy things an average American seems to use all the time? That’s right, it’s salt. Consuming too much salt can lead to a number of serious health issues, with high blood pressure being prime among them.

    It can be easy to overuse salt, especially when so many homeowners keep it out on their table at all times. You might reach for a salt shaker without even recognizing what it is that you’re doing. The food you’re eating might not even require salt, it’s just an act of muscle memory! 

    Try putting the salt shaker into a cabinet and taking it out only when it’s really necessary. Instead, you can use different and healthier goods to help improve your meals. Consider the zest of lemon or lime juice, or even garlic and red pepper. If you keep a healthy supply of these around your home, you should never find yourself missing salt again. 

    2. Don’t Stay Up Late

    Some of us never recover from those college days where stayed up all night and slept halfway to noon. In an adult world, you likely have to get up early, but you still might be burning that midnight oil before bed.

    If you want a healthier start in 2020, it’s best to put this nasty habit away and start fresh. Most adults don’t get the true amount of sleep that they really need. Shortage of proper sleep can lead to a number of health issues– it’s not just your beauty that you need this kind of rest for! 

    A lack of sleep can increase your risk of stroke and heart problems. It can also impact your physical stamina and leave you sluggish and off-beat when awake.

    If you’re having trouble getting to sleep at night, try putting away digital screens an hour before bedtime. The light from these screens can trick your brain into thinking its day time and thus make it hard to fall asleep.

    Read a book instead, and maybe one about proper health? You can shop here for some ideal options.

    3. Get Some Exercise

    No one is going to blame you if you can’t get to the gym for a two-hour session every day. Everyone is busy, and fitting in a full-force fitness regime can be difficult.

    However, it is vital that you take the time to put a little bit of effort into exercising every day. Exercising can help fight off the signs of aging, and it can keep you looking brighter and fresher.

    Take some time to do push-ups and crunches in your apartment if you don’t have access to a true gym setting. Go for a run or a brief bike ride through the neighborhood during lunch. Anything you can do to keep your body strong and in shape will benefit you in the years to come.

    4. Drink Red Wine

    Finally, something on this list you can get on the same page with! 

    While some of the other items here might feel like a chore, everyone can enjoy a good glass of wine with dinner. There are actually powerful antioxidants found in wine of the red variety, and these antioxidants can help shield you against a swath of illnesses and diseases.

    If you’re worried about heart disease, depression, anxiety, and other such issues? Have some wine, and drink to your good health. You’ll be doing yourself a favor. Of course, all things in moderation, and you don’t want to overdrink either.

    A glass a night or so is the ideal serving size if you’re drinking for better health. 

    5. Swap Out Bad Snacks

    We’ve already taken salt out of your diet, but there’s a number of other changes you can make that will radically change your health.

    A big thing is changing the way you snack. We all tend to go to the cabinet and grab something to munch on in the middle of the day. Having these munchies be something good for us is key to healthy living.

    Keep away from anything with high sugar or too many carbohydrates. If you’re gonna make a sandwich, go with wheat bread instead of white. Go for water over sugary soda drinks. Eat fruit or carrots instead of cookies and crackers.

    It can be difficult to get your self in the habit of making a healthier choice. But once you’re on a good routine, you’ll be able to see just how much better you’re feeling.

    Getting Healthy in 2020

    The new decade has just started, and that means new and better changes for your own personal lifestyle. If you’re committed to getting healthy this year, the above advice can be a huge help.

    Need more health tips and tricks? Check out our blog for more information.