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Getting the Meds You Need: Why Are Online Pharmacies Cheaper?

    If you’ve ever ordered a drug from an online pharmacy, you can be surprised by some pretty interesting facts. Online pharmacy delivery is actually much cheaper than individual pharmacies.

    Why is this the case? Wouldn’t the running costs of an online pharmacy, coupled with the added convenience of getting meds shipped directly to your home, justify a higher price tag?

    In this article, we’ll explore why online pharmacies are often more affordable than you might originally expect. 

    Why Are In-Person Pharmacies More Expensive?

    Understanding why you can buy prescriptions online for cheaper takes a little bit of an understanding of how supply chain and overhead works.

    First, let’s take some time to think about the overhead costs of running an in-person pharmacy. The most obvious cost is the actual real estate itself. Someone who wants to open an in-person pharmacy has to offload a lot of money in a monthly lease or spend even more money to purchase their own property.

    Secondly, the in-person pharmacy also has to employ more people. It has to employ a receptionist to work at the front desk, security guards if the pharmacy is in a rough neighborhood, and janitorial services to clean the building.

    Lastly, think about the supply chain. An in-person pharmacy has to keep lots and lots of inventory in their property because they don’t know what a customer is going to walk in and want to buy. Consequently, this introduces significant inventory management costs because pharmacy management has to keep track of all the drugs they have in stock and out of stock.

    Why Are Online Pharmacies Cheaper?

    So now that we have a good understanding of the costs associated with online pharmacies, we can compare that to the lower costs that online pharmacies have.

    They don’t have to pay for real estate. They don’t have to pay for security guards, receptionists, or janitors. This alone eliminates a massive chunk of operating costs, allowing the pharmacy to pass on more savings to you while maintaining the same profits.

    Last but not least, the online pharmacy is also able to keep less inventory in stock. When they receive orders from customers, customers aren’t expecting to have that medication in their hands that same day. This allows the online pharmacy to take time to mix up the drug or order it from a pharmaceutical supplier.

    The only additional cost an online pharmacy has is that of shipping. And even though shipping is expensive, the savings that the pharmacy experiences by eliminating all of the above things allow it to still offer more affordable prescription drug prices.

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    Leverage the Interwebs

    Now that you know how online pharmacies are able to pass on cheaper prices to consumers, it’s time that you started to buy cheap medicine online. There’s no reason not to buy prescriptions online 100% of the time if you can stand to wait a few days for shipping.

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