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Giant Escape 3 Review

    Whether you are cycling to work, cycling to increase your stamina or fitness riding, or going on an adventurous cycling trip for a weekend adventure to escape your monotonous routine, Giant Escape 3 should be your choice.

    I think Giant Escape 3 is a fantastic bike that functions well for on-road use and can easily handle some off-roading when difficulties arise during a commute or your much-anticipated weekend adventure trip.

    The characteristics of the Giant Escape 3 will appeal to everyone, from recreational street cyclists to those wishing to incorporate commuting, using it for fitness rides or weekend adventures.

    Additionally, it has mounts for a rack and a fender so that you may adjust it to your preferences. This bicycle’s hi-tensile steel frame gives you secure steering control. The Escape 3’s composite fork is sturdy and capable of withstanding extreme shocks on city streets.

    It comprises an efficient, lightweight aluxx frame designed to be lightweight. The tubes are butted, resulting in weight reduction without sacrificing toughness or ride quality. You’ll definitely have a smooth, firm riding experience because of the design of the frame tubes.

    Let’s get started with an in-depth review.

    What Is Giant? and How Is It Ruling the Tough City Streets?

    Giant is an American company that offers a wide range of bicycles for riders of various ages, skill levels, and riding environments. There are bicycles in Giant for everything from casual rides to competitive racing. This company is the inventor and developer who also belongs to a large cycling community.

    Although Giant is the world’s largest manufacturer of high-quality bicycles, the company never loses sight of its roots. It began modestly. The company was established on the principle that making the most significant equipment available to all cyclists is the ideal route to ignite a passion for the sport.

    As a matter of fact, Giant was the first bicycle manufacturer to use digital designs and mass production techniques in the creation of carbon fiber road bikes when it unveiled the CADEX model in 1987.

    Key Features of the Giant Escape 3

    1. Attractive Finish

    You can get the Giant Escape 3 in two color variants: matte finish bright red and charcoal black. The highest caliber glossy finish is bound to please anyone who is planning to purchase this bike.

    I was delighted with the overall appearance of this bike. The bike’s overall appearance is sophisticated with the short chains and seat design.

    2. Giant’s Gearing

    bottom bracket, gear, mountain bike

    Even though the Escape 3 is an entry-point bike model, it has a complete drivetrain made by Shimano Tourney.

    I was amazed by the incredible smooth shifting. The Tourney derailleur in the front and back is perfect for commuters and workout rides on city streets. Trigger shifters for the 3×7-speed Shimano (ST-EF41) had a straightforward design and simple spring operation.

    3. Comfort Level

    The Giant Sport gears, high comfort saddle, and integrated rack mounts give the bike the essential features every rider seeks in a beginner city bike.

    Although Giant doesn’t specifically state how much the bike weighs, the exact weight will vary depending on whether you ride it straight out of the box or add accessories for convenience or efficiency.

    Either way, with the confident upright positioning offer, you can be assured that your ride will be smooth and comfortable. Click here if you want to see what other customers have to say about it.

    4. More Adventurous Rides

    bicycle, brake, child

    On the Giant Escape 3, the braking components are still V-brakes. The front and back Tektro V-Brakes perform steadily and evenly, making it a great bike. I was amazed at how quickly the brakes reacted after being touched by the levers. These brakes are equally as effective and reliable as entry-level mechanical disc brakes and are suitable for wet, dry urban roads. This can help you go on more adventurous rides as well as weekend rides and adventures.

    The broad Giant Connection sports handlebar in Escape 3 ensures that the rider is riding with an open chest. Meticulously planned, the steady curve of the elevation also improves the aesthetics and gives you a sporty feel. It will help you sail smoothly through tough city streets for commuting and fitness rides.

    5. Efficient Ride Quality

    The bike’s 700cc wheels can withstand any bump on the road, but due to its adaptability, you are not limited to riding it only on paved surfaces.

    Although it may not be designed primarily for off-roading, the Giant Escape 3 will carry you on dirt roads if you prefer to take it a different way. It is efficient and well-balanced. Alternatively, because of its agile handling, the giant escape 3 is a great bike for people of all athletic performances who want to incorporate exercise into their daily lives.

    What Are the Specifications of the Giant Escape 3?

    Giant Escape 3

    The specifications of the Giant Escape 3 are as follows:

    • Lightweight aluxx aluminum frame and fork-higher tensile Steel.
    • The headset is FP-H817B, and the handlebar is Alloy, 25.4 CHB-A6111BT.
    • The stem is 15 Degree Giant Sport, 25.4 MAS-MD6036, and the seat post is Big Sport 27.2 MSP-AD605.
    • Shifters in escape 3 are STIHL ST-EF41 3-7, and front brakes are FD-TY510 Shimano Tourney
    • Reversing derailleur is RD-TY300 Shimano Tourney and the brakes are linear-pull alloy TK837AL.
    • Brake pedals are ST-EF41 by Shimano, and Cassette is MF-TZ500,14×34.
    • Chains are KMC Z7, and Crankset is 48/38/28 with chainguard, forged alloy.
    • The base bracket is the cartridge, and the rims are enormous double-wall aluminum.
    • Hubs are 32H alloy and spokes stainless tires are Giant S-X3, 70038 Max, 45mm tire width.
    • Pricing is under $500.

    Things That You Must Consider Before Buying a Bicycle

    A bicycle purchase might be daunting sometimes. The options can seem limitless if you’re new to riding or have been away from two wheels for some time. This guide’s purpose is to assist you in making the crucial choices you’ll need to make so that you can buy something you’ll be satisfied with for many years ahead.

    I have listed some key factors that you should consider before investing in a bicycle:

    1. Purpose of Your Purchase and Budget

    Consider carefully the reasons behind your desire to purchase a bicycle. Any objective is acceptable, including off-road cycling, casual riding for fun, transportation purposes, adventure, and long-distance riding.

    Knowing what you need is crucial because there are diverse bicycles for various uses. Take an example, invest in a quality bike (like a touring bike) if you plan to use it regularly as a fitness regime or for competitions. However, if your sole purpose is to run errands, then you can settle down with a mid-range bicycle.

    Before making a decision and choosing a bicycle, decide how much money you can afford to spend. The rest of the situation will fall into place after the budget is set.

    2. Deciding Upon the Type of Bicycle You Want

    Due to the numerous types of bikes available, making a decision is far from simple.

    A hybrid bicycle is exactly what its name implies—a union of the two cycling worlds. Some hybrid bikes are made considerably more like road cycles, while others are built much more like mountain bikes or touring bikes. To create a bicycle that can handle a variety of scenarios, the manufacturers combine characteristics from each.

    On the contrary, a road bike has drop handlebars and stiff/light frames. It also has narrow tires to make swift movement on the road with the least amount of effort.

    3. Purchase a Bicycle According to Your Frame

    motion blur, cycling, bike

    The overall height and inside leg measurements are the two most important details you will need to determine your frame size. You can use these to choose the bicycle that is best for you.

    Overall, the smartest thing to do is to go into a trustworthy local bike shop and have them measure you because riding anything too low or too big is uncomfortable and can result in serious and long-lasting injuries.

    4. Gear Specifications

    It’s essential to have the proper gears for smooth ride quality, which typically include a lower sufficient bottom gear to help you climb slopes and a fast top gear to let you go at the desired speeds without making your legs spin too quickly.

    Some bicycles lack any gearing. Fixed gear bicycles with single speed only have one cog. Therefore, the only option to increase power is to pedal more vigorously. While this can be okay for a road bike, such an arrangement can cause you issues if you are using your bicycle for any kind of sports activity.

    5. Brakes

    Despite being a crucial component of the bike, you rarely have a choice in rakes for specific models. There is no way to pick whether the model you select has a rim or disc brakes. Disc brakes are a popular option as you go up the spectrum of some road bicycles, but there will be an increased expense instead of a simple switch. Bikes may only use a disc or rim brakes. Therefore, they require separate wheels, fork clearances, and attachments.

    6. Comfortable Saddle

    Before choosing the ideal saddle, it’s common to try out a few. A seat is an extremely personal purchase; what works for one individual may be incorrect for another. If you’re fortunate, the saddle that arrives with your bike will be perfect for you, but if not, don’t let it be the deciding factor, as they are affordable and simple to update.

    7. Material of Your Bicycle’s Body

    The type of bike that is best for you will depend on your budget and riding needs. Bikes are made of a variety of materials. Steel is often the starting point, followed by aluminum, carbon fiber, and finally, titanium. As for many years, steel has been a common material used to construct bikes. Steel frames are recognized for being cozy, sturdy, and long-lasting. The material is also simple to fix because dents and bends may be removed with a hammer. In contrast to carbon and frames made from titanium, it is a very inexpensive frame material to utilize.

    8. Specifications

    The components and specifications are the last important factors to consider when buying a bike. These are the extra components that must be included while building a bicycle to make it functional. Components will cover everything from the saddle to the chain type.

    Moreover, the gears and brakes are frequently combined into a single group which is a group of components that may comprise the chainring, cassette, derailleurs, and levers, among others. Components make up the largest portion of your purchase after the frame. Choosing higher-quality parts might increase the weight of the bike by hundreds of pounds. I’m pretty sure this will not be a very pleasant surprise.

    Click here to learn more about Giant Escape 3.

    9. Take a Test Ride

    The last step in the bicycle purchasing process is riding a bicycle for a test ride. You may rent a bike from most businesses for anywhere between a few minutes and an hour. Always inquire for details beforehand.

    Any bicycle you hop on will feel amazing if you haven’t cycled for a while or have already been making do with a tattered old bike. The bike may not be the best option for you, but it is undoubtedly an improvement over what you previously had. Try to take this into account while you make your final choice.

    Wrapping Up

    Due to its alloy frame, the Giant Escape 3 is light and provides an effective ride. Its V-brakes are powerful, react quickly, and the riding position is pleasant. This Giant Escape 3 has sophisticated graphics and a glossy finish paint job, making it premium in both performance and appearance.

    It will provide you with dependability and control when teamed with a Shimano drivetrain. If you rely on your bike to get you to and from work, the double-wall rims provide an additional layer of security. On challenging urban roads as well as on more difficult rides, sophisticated rack attachments keep you moving. A complete equipment package appeals to casual on-road riding and standard components with recognizable specifications such as the seat, the pedals, and handles.

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