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Great Dental Hygiene Tips for Healthy Teeth from Dentists

    In this guide, we’re going to give you some really awesome dental hygiene tips for healthy teeth, directly from some of the most recommended dentists out there at Nobody likes going to the dentist, but everyone loves having a bright and happy smile. Well, in order to take care of this, we simply cannot do all of the work ourselves. That’s where dentist office visits will come in handy. However, there are plenty of things you can do yourself in order to help your teeth stay white.

    • Brush the Right Way
      Don’t just think that if you brush your teeth, then you’re done. You have gums, you have the roof of your mouth, and even your tongue which collect and store bacteria too. Not only this, but even the inside cheeks of your mouth can be gently brushed to help get rid of more. When brushing, you don’t need to brush your teeth for more than two minutes, contrary to what some people believe. Brush your teeth at the proper angles, then your gums, and then your tongue and roof of your mouth. This can help you get rid of a lot of bacteria that can hurt your teeth and cause bad breath, or even gingivitis. As you visit the dentist in fort lauderdale, you will get more insight as to why these are all important.
    • Floss After Brushing
      You want to floss your teeth after you brush, because just brushing can’t get literally everything. Make sure you get underneath your teeth a little bit too, being careful to not make your gums bleed. A lot of food and plaque can get underneath your gums where brushing can’t simply reach and loosen it up.
    • Wash Your Mouth Out
      After you’ve flossed, try using a fluoride mouth rinse that can help strengthen your teeth, and swish for one minute vigorously to ensure that you get those food particles out of your mouth. Of course you can’t reach spots that a dentist can only reach, but this will help your teeth a lot and can further eliminate bad breath.
    • Eat a Proper Diet
      By eating healthy, and eating foods that are good for your teeth, you can help strengthen them and get the nutrients you need at the same time. Cheese for example can help you get rid of excess acid in your mouth by producing more saliva. Eating things like fresh fruits, nuts (a good source of protein and some fiber), as well as chicken, fish, and vegetables are extremely healthy for your teeth.
    • Take Extra Precautions if you Smoke, Drink, or Drink Sodas
      Intaking more water instead of soda is helpful even to your teeth. Also, tobacco can be harmful and even cause mouth cancer, so it’s important that you avoid some things like this. Also, alcohol contains phosphorous, which in excess can cause problems with tooth decay as well. When you do these things, you need to maintain your teeth even more than you would when you don’t intake any of these.


    Visit the dentist regularly as well as follow these guidelines above. By doing so, you can help to eliminate dental problems that could otherwise complicate your overall health. Here’s a final tip – If you eat something starchy that leaves a residue, brush twice, and when you do, don’t rinse your mouth the last time to give your teeth more fluoride protection.