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Growth Hormones Review & How They Make You Grow Tall

    The human growth hormone is at the center of body systems that keep you healthy and growing at a reasonable rate. The hormone comes from the pituitary gland within your brain.

    However, the production of the hormone varies between different people based on some factors such as an injury or disease. A head injury during birth or as a toddler can damage the gland and cause growth problems.

    There are remedies to insufficient human growth hormone production. For example, the children can receive prescription human growth hormone injections. So, how does the growth hormone help you grow?

    The Role of the Growth Hormone

    How tall your parents pretty much tell you how much tall you are going to be. Your genetic makeup is the blueprint of your stature. However, you can as well fail to reach your growth potential because of other factors like infections and nutrition. It is therefore not impossible for one child to be significantly shorter than the rest of the family members.

    The average height of all people is better now than years ago because of improved health services and better nutrition. But that does not mean there are no short people. Insufficient diet, diseases, and premature birth can lead to short stature.

    You grow the fastest before you are born. Typically, you go from nothing to 50 cm within the nine-month period. The next spurt is the pubertal growth spurt where boys and girls reach their growth potential.

    Epiphysis or the growth plates are responsible for increased height. Epiphysis matures during puberty, and you experience the most growth. As the stage comes to a close, the growth plates close and the bones cannot grow any longer.

    However, all the growth plates in your body do not close at the same time. Your hands and feet are the first to stop, then your arms and legs. Your spine is the last to stop growing.

    The role of the human growth hormone is to enhance cell multiplication. The hormone causes the building of muscle mass and improves the density of your bones. Growth hormone also has a role to play in metabolism.

    How the human growth hormone functions

    The growth hormone levels peaks during puberty. It is during this time that it increases cartilage and bone growth. In adult life, the hormone regulates the insulin levels and the bone and muscle mass. Insufficient levels of the growth hormone lead to problems like excessive amounts of belly fat. But how does the human growth hormone function?

    Typically, the growth hormone enhances production of the insulin-like growth factor by the liver. It is the insulin-like growth factor together with other similar substances that lead to bone growth and an overall increase in height.

    Children with stunted growth can benefit from human growth hormone injections. However, the prescribed hormone may not have any effect on children with normal levels of the growth hormone in their body.

    If you are worried that your child is not growing at a reasonable rate, have their growth hormone levels checked, before jumping on the growth hormone injections bandwagon.

    In adults, an insufficient amount of growth hormone can lead to problems such as depression, fatigue, reduced muscle mass, poor memory, and increased belly fat. It can also cause weak bones and vulnerability to osteoporosis.

    Using the synthetic growth hormone among adults can lead to better muscle mass, bone health, increased energy levels, better memory and reduced risks of heart disease.

    The side effect of hormone use can include joint and muscle pain. It can cause fluid retention, where your arms and legs swell. The high levels can also cause increased blood sugar and cholesterol levels, which is not always good for your health.

    If you’re interested in utilizing other resources in order to continue doing your research, then you’ll be happy to learn that you can also learn more right here. I highly suggest checking it out as they’ve covered quite a bit of research and information on the subject. Growing taller through the use of growth hormones is 100% possible, you just need to do your research before committing to it. Good luck and please reach out if you have any questions on this subject!


    The growth hormone is an important body chemical that is at the center of your height growth. In children, low amounts of growth hormone can cause stunted growth. Growth hormone deficiency is a major cause for reduced bone mass and depression among others in adults.

    In some cases, growth hormone injections can remedy stunting in small children. It is vital that a professional tests their growth hormone levels. Adults can also benefit from growth hormone prescriptions to improve their bone mass as well as their muscles. However, synthetic growth hormone is not without side effects. Weigh the risks and the benefits before making the decision. Want to learn more about growing? Click to learn more information.