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Guide to Selecing a Penile Implant Urologist Treament Doctor 

    Penile implant surgeries can help you achieve an erection if you have erectile dysfunction. Men in West Palm Beach who have this medical condition have a lower quality of life due to this disadvantage. However, there are treatments or solutions to this problem. One of them is the penile prosthesis implant provided by a urologist in West Palm Beach. This implant has helped countless men regain their normal lifestyle and restore their sexual life to normal. It’s an invasive medical procedure that needs to be adequately explained to you, though. Usually, a urology specialist doctor will recommend that you try other treatment solutions before resorting to a penile implant.

    That’s because the prosthesis will disable natural erections. You’ll only achieve erections via the prosthesis itself, which may nor may not appeal to you. However, when you have irreversible erectile dysfunction, you can’t achieve natural erections either way. The penile implant surgery is an efficient solution to a debilitating medical condition. However, it requires the vast experience and professionalism of a good urologist in West Palm Beach! This procedure is complicated due to its surgical nature, but a urologist doctor in West Palm Beach will provide peerless services!

    What types of penile prosthesis implants are there?

    There isn’t just one type of penile prosthesis. Instead, men can choose between two types. One of them involves the insertion of bendable plastic rods into the erection chambers of the penis. When an erection is desired, the patient must move the penis into a specific position. Being made of bendable plastic, the rods are very malleable. This allows you to form an erection and go back to a non-erect state at any time. The penile prosthesis implant will help you regain your typical sexual lifestyle. Erectile dysfunction plagues countless men through West Palm Beach, and this implant is the most efficient solution for it.

    The second type of penile implant relies on the surgical insertion of a reservoir filled with fluid and a pump underneath the groin muscles. Special tubing is then inserted inside the two erection chambers. Upon activating the pump, the fluid exits the reservoir and enters the two erection chambers through the tubing, obtaining an erection. By pressing the deflation valve on the pump, the liquid will be drained back into the reservoir, reverting the erection. Many men prefer this second solution because it is more subtle, making the penis appear thicker and stiffer, as well. The ideal urologist doctor in West Palm Beach can install either implant variant, depending on your preferences or medical condition!

    Is penile implant surgery dangerous?

    The only real danger to the penile prosthesis implant is experiencing an infection. However, the chances of that happening are very low (about 3%), with some men being more at risk of infections. However, your preferred urologist will only proceed with the surgery after treating the implant with proven antibiotics, reducing the chances for an infection to about 1.1%. Other than this, there aren’t any risks during and after the surgery. The medical intervention is relatively simple, and nothing can go wrong. Irreversible erectile dysfunction requires such ample procedures because there aren’t other effective treatments available.

    The penile prosthesis implant for men in West Palm Beach is a permanent treatment option for ED (erectile dysfunction). The urologist will coat the implant in parylene, enhancing the long-term durability and usability. Your doctor may recommend trying other treatments before undergoing penile implant surgery. Some cases of erectile dysfunction are less severe, allowing less invasive treatments to be used. However, irreversible erectile dysfunction is untreatable, putting many men in a very precarious position. Only a penile prosthesis implant is efficient in these situations.