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Gym Etiquette and Home Workout for Bodybuilders During the COVID-19 Outbreak

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused fear and anxiety around the globe as the cases have reached more than a million.  As the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommended proper hand hygiene and social distancing measures, people are asked to stay at home. 


    As bodybuilders and gym-goers are advised to stay at home, most gyms and fitness studios have temporarily closed their doors. However, amidst the official guidelines, some gyms are open but with strict standards.


    Before, gym and fitness studios are the pillars of health and wellness. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, gyms have become a petri dish for contagion. Those gyms that are currently open have controlled space and strict guidelines. It is the duty of every gym-goers to limit the risk by following certain guidelines. Here are some gym etiquettes that you should follow:

    Wipe the equipment before and after use

    No matter how healthy you may feel, the coronavirus is invisible. A possible carrier may have used the machine and you might catch the highly infectious disease through it. Thus, get a towel, spray a disinfectant, and wipe everything especially the parts you will touch and have touched after using.

    Bring Your Own Handles (BYOH)

    If possible, it is best to bring your own handles or grips. Aside from providing a barrier from public handles, you can choose a handgrip or handle that best suits your needs depending on its distinct purpose.


    Some grips have ergonomic designs that will help increase muscle activation throughout the upper body. More so, you have the freedom to choose a comfortable and budget-friendly handle and grip.

    Find one spot to do multiple exercises

    Use only a few types of gym equipment and stay in one place to spend less time in disinfecting. More so, moving from one place to another makes you more vulnerable to possible contaminated surfaces. Therefore, do your exercises if possible in one place and utilize your time by reducing the use of different gym equipment.

    Proper Hygiene

    It’s nice to go in a steam shower right after your workout. Make sure to properly wash your body to remove possible contagion. Also, after going out of the gym or fitness studio, you might have touched doorknobs or railings that are contaminated. Thus, do not forget to use alcohol or a hand sanitizer, which should contain 75% alcohol content from a reliable hand sanitizer manufacturer.

    More so, proper hygiene is also important even when you are doing workouts at home. Everything will be disrupted if you do not practice proper hygiene measures.

    Best Ways to Maintain Bodybuilding at Home

    If fear overrides, you do not have to worry. All your hard-earned gains from gym sessions and bodybuilding training will not suddenly disappear. Do not stress about not being able to go to the gym, there are ways on how to maintain your body at home.

    Invest in Basic Equipment

    Although your bodyweight provides efficient strength, it is better to invest in some basic equipment. Basic equipment gives more possibilities for workout plans. A workout mat, resistance band, and pair of dumbbells are good to go.

    Consistency is the Key

    You may not be able to resume your usual workout plan due to the lack of gym equipment in your home. But, it is possible to adapt and innovate with your furniture. You can use chairs, couch, or benches for support during your workout. 


    The key to maintaining your body is to consistently and progressively perform your workout plans. Schedule a portion of your day for workouts. Set goals and give yourself mini-rewards along the way. 

    Responsible Diet

    Aside from weightlifting and other workout plans, you need to have a responsible diet. It means eating the prescribed foods that contain the nutritional content you need. High protein intake will maintain your muscle mass. It is recommended to have 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Moreover, consume foods with high vitamin content, like citrus for Vitamin C.


    Rest day is an essential part of a workout routine. When we workout, we introduce stress to our bodies. Therefore, it is essential to give your body and muscles 24 hours of rest after two consecutive days of heavy workout. Without rest, it is crucial for the health of the muscles and you will become more vulnerable to fatigue and weakness. So, take the time to rest and enjoy your day!

    Final Thought

    Stay fit and healthy by consuming foods with nutritional content and doing exercise. If your trusted and favorite gym studio is still operating, observe proper gym etiquette. More so, you can freely do your workout regimen inside your home.