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Hagen Rosskopf Share the Most Common Forms of Personal Injury

    In the medical world, personal injuries can take a wide variety of forms. Situations that result in legal action include slip and fall injuries, car accidents, and liability issues. When someone is injured in one of these incidents, their doctor will need to work with their personal injury attorney to make sure that they have received the right kind of compensation.

    Insurance companies can be reluctant to cover the expenses that result from personal injury. Medical personnel understand that every injured person deserves the right treatment for each situation. Personal injury attorneys can be greatly helpful in eliminating the red tape needed to receive proper treatment.

    Some of these injuries can be traumatic in nature. They may require immediate transportation to the hospital via ambulance. All of these injuries involve high medical costs, which can be a burden to many people who have suffered a personal injury.

    The personal injury attorneys at Hagen Rosskopf have shared the following common types of personal injury cases and how medical personnel might care for them.

    Slip and Fall Injuries
    Slip and fall injuries happen when property owners have been negligent about the safety of their premises. Slippery floors, ice and snow, and tripping hazards are just a few situations where a person could be injured.

    Many personal injury cases are the result of slip and fall injuries, which can lead to torn ligaments, tendons, broken bones, and dislocated joints. Head and face injuries are also possible, along with tooth and jaw damage.

    Car Accidents
    Car accidents can sometimes leave their victims in serious medical danger. Depending on the speed and severity of the crash, victims could have broken bones, injuries from broken glass, head injuries, and other maladies. In extreme cases, motor vehicle accidents cause the death of either the driver, a passengers, or both.

    Even if a car accident victim is not visibly injured, it is likely that they may have invisible injuries like whiplash, concussions, or bumps and bruises. All car accident victims should see a doctor regardless of whether they feel they have been injured.

    Defective Products
    Defective products are one of the hidden causes of personal injuries. An unsafe product may cause cuts, burns, bruises, or death. Recently in the news, there have been stories about children being injured or killed by unsafe products like tipping dressers or poorly made sleepers. Vulnerable people need to be kept safe from the dangers of unsafe products.

    Animal Bites
    When an animal bites someone, they should be immediately seen by a doctor. Animal bites are notorious for causing infections. They can also create complicated wounds. The negligence of a person who fails to secure their animal causes these accidents.

    Another aspect of animal bites is whether the animal is carrying a dangerous disease like rabies. This disease could potentially infect the person who is bitten, leading to further medical problems and higher bills.

    Medical Malpractice
    Another major source of personal injuries is medical malpractice. While doctors can generally be trusted to provide excellent medical care, there are many situations where a doctor’s negligence or inexperience can cause avoidable injuries. Doctors may misdiagnose illnesses and neglect to follow all possible paths of treatment. They may also be prone to withholding referrals to the proper specialist. Taking care to make sure that doctors treat each patient properly is a physician’s responsibility. When they do not fulfill their obligations, personal injury cases may have to be filed.

    Workplace Accidents
    Workplace accidents are generally covered by workers’ compensation, but these insurance companies can often be difficult when it comes to accepting and paying out claims. Workplace accidents can happen when an employer maintains unsafe premises. The types of personal injury listed above can all happen in the workplace, exacerbating the need for medical attention.

    Workplace accidents are often treated by doctors who work for the workers’ compensation insurer. They may need specific oversight from the patient’s own trusted primary care physician. If the workers’ compensation doctor does not provide adequate care, that could be another potential area for lawsuits.

    Wrongful Death
    Wrongful death is the most serious form of personal injury. A wrongful death may happen in an accident, through negligence, or through circumstances that are out of the victim’s control. In this case, physicians have done all they can to save the victim, but their efforts have been in vain.

    Personal Injuries are Serious
    Personal injuries are serious causes of medical problems and even death. Regardless of who pays for the treatment, these injuries need to be treated by qualified medical personnel. Proper care of these injuries is possible when the victim has a trusted medical team on their side.

    Hagen Rosskopf believes that the key to solving personal injuries is to make sure that all parties are behaving conscientiously and taking every precaution. Taking care to make sure their premises are safe can go a long way toward preventing costly and damaging injuries.