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Hair Transplant Cost In Surat

    When determining hair transplant operation the cost must be a major consideration in choosing the right and affordable clinic. Surat is popularly regarded as the city of flowers. It is a home of many and top number 9th among the largest cities in India. You may want to ask the cost of a hair transplant in Surat. FUE has remained one of the most used hair transplant strategy in Surat. This method involves the extraction of the donor’s hair from the back and sides of the scalp, most especially when hair is thinning. One of the reasons why this hair transplant method is often used is because it does not consume time and resources. It is the most affordable and less stressful method of solving bald hair issues.  It takes between seven to ten days to heal.

    Overview Of Hair Transplant In Surat

    The hair transplant cost in Surat is quite affordable compared to other cities around India and the world at large. The average cost of hair transplant of 1000 grafts is basically below $1000 (1000 hair grafts ranges from RS 30,000 to 45,000). This price range is dependent on the clinic but does not exceed RS 70000. If nothing interests you, the friendly price and professionalism in carrying out a hair transplant in Surat should motivate you. One of the best clinics for hair transplant in Surat, Hair n Images provides affordable treatment   according to the need of the patient.

    You will agree with us that in most advanced countries like the US, some doctors charge per graft and long paid consultation process. Surat has become a voice in the hair transplant circle, they stand out among others. They give quality and affordable hair transplant services at its best.

    Factors That Influence Hair Transplant Cost

    Here we shall be looking out the different factors that tend to influence hair transplants. This is to give us detail information about hair transplant cost in Surat. This includes the following:

    Density Requirement

    This is one of the major considerations that tend to influence hair transplant. Some hair transplants centers provide 30 to 40 grafts per cm2. This number determines when and how fast a person should undergo hair transplant surgery.

    The Number Of Grafts Needed

    This is another important factor to consider when analyzing the cost of hair transplant in Surat. It is dependent on the arear that requires the graft, you may be charged per graft fee, though this case is very rare in Surat.

    The Methods

    There is no argument that there are several methods to insert multiple hair follicles per graft. The traditional method which is known as FUT is very affordable. The cost is between 30 to 40 rupees that is below $1 whereas the most popularly used method, and less stressful method which is known as the FUE cost between 50 to 80 rupees which is an average of $1 per graft.

    The Proficiency Of The Doctor

    The importance of a professional doctor in carrying out a hair transplant in any place around the world is key. The qualification and experience of the physician might also be a major influence on the cost of hair transplants. Surat pride itself with efficient and reliable doctors. They render quality hair transplants at a friendly and affordable rate. Dr. Mohit Srivastava is one of the leading hair transplant surgeon in Surat with 23+ years of experience in the field of hair transplant. He also believes in providing high quality services to all clients.


    Comparison of Hair Transplant in Surat and Other Part Of The world

    Number Of Hair Grafts      Surat Cost           Others
    500 -1000 Grates    Rs.30, 000 -45000     $700- $1000
    1000- 1500 Hair GraftsRs.45, 000-60,000     $1000- $3000

    The above price comparison goes on and on. Indeed the cost of hair transplant in Surat is something that cannot be ignored.


    If you are considering the best and affordable place to undergo hair transplant around India and other parts of the world, look no further. Surat is the best place to get professional hair transplant treatment at a cheaper rate. Their doctors are professionals and guarantee a top-notch and hassle-free transplant treatment. Hair transplant cost in Surat is as low as RS.35, 000 compare to other cities and countries where the price of hair transplant cost above $700.