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Hard to Ignore Signs You Need a Physical Therapist

    Shot of a senior woman being treated by a physiotherapist

    Unfortunately, you had an accident during your workout routine a week ago. After the incident, you assumed that the pain would go away, and you will be on the road to recovery in no time. The aim is to resume your workouts at your favorite gym in Lawrenceville. While it may be common to hold off exercises after an injury, there are sure telltale signs that signal it is time to get physical therapy in Lawrenceville.


    1.      Pain Present Days Later


    One of the most outstanding symptoms to look out for after you have an injury is pain. It comes days later following the accident. It is common to experience pain after the injury. However, the problem should not persist even after taking precautionary measures. If you have applied the RICE mechanism, the pain should go away sooner. It involves rest, ice application, compression, and eventually elevation of the injured area.


    2.      Recurring Intermittent Pain


    Another common symptom that you need physical therapy is when your pain recurs at intermittent intervals. In such a scenario, you may experience pain, followed by a period of no problem. However, the frequent phases become troublesome, and you may need the services of a qualified physical therapist.


    In most cases, the pain tends to be sharp, giving you sudden immobility. Eventually, your output reduces, and you will have trouble performing simple routine tasks that you previously could do effortlessly. With the aid of physical therapy, you can resume the freedom to accomplish what you love without experiencing pain.


    3.      Pain Reliever Resistance 


    If your injury is becoming resistant to pain relievers, it is time to schedule a physical therapy appointment. Typical damage that ranges from mild to moderate will respond adequately to medication. If an injury continues to give pain, it could be a sign of a severe underlying medical issue. Therefore, a physical therapist will assess your injury and ascertain whether you have a severe case that can negatively impact your health.


    With pain relievers, the pain gradually goes away together with the swelling. However, the reverse holds when you have a severe injury that requires physical therapy.


    4.      Repetitive Injuries


    Accidents can happen at any time. Therefore, if you sustain an injury, you can treat it and resume normalcy. However, if you tend to operate your routine tasks in the same body movement, you can get constant repetitive injuries. Eventually, you may develop a severe injury that can limit you significantly.


    When an injury continuously occurs in the same area, and you lack the proper treatment, it may damage your muscles and tissues irreparably. With the help of a physical therapist, you can safely perform repetitive tasks without causing an injury.


    You may also require the services of a qualified physical therapist after undergoing a surgical procedure. Consequently, it helps your body heal and regains its normal functions. Thanks to physical therapy, you can regain complete mobility and live a pain-free life. Plus, you can also avoid surgery and prevent further injuries from developing. Furthermore, you can also combat age-related problems and improve your general health.