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Have You Heard of Lagree Fitness? Many Celebrities Love This Workout

    What is Lagree Fitness?

    Lagree Fitness is a workout routine performed on the Megaformer that was developed by Sebastien Lagree in 1998. Many call the Megafomer ‘Reformer on Steroids”. 

    It uses spring-based tension and is meant to work out your whole body from all possible angles. It particularly works out your core muscles.

    As an inventor and innovator, Sebastien wanted to create the perfect workout that promised quick results with minimal impact. He wanted something to compliment Pilates. And, after years of research, he came up with Lagree.

    The History and How it Came to Be

    Sebastian was a fitness trainer who sensed a need for a more intense workout for many of his patrons. He realised that Pilates was fine but it lacked that element of cardio. He also had two other goals in mind – 

    • Come up with an exercise regimen that delivered quick rests
    • Create a workout that anyone could perform irrespective of their fitness level or age.
    • Create something that was high-intensity but low-impact; meaning it didn’t hurt joints and/or connective tissues.

    That’s how Lagree was born. But, Sebastian wanted a special machine to deliver these special needs. And, that’s how the Megaformer came to be.

    What it Looks like Today

    The Megaformer is made of two stable platforms on either end. There’s also a ‘gliding carriage’ in the middle for back and forth movements. Since the tension is spring-based you can always adjust the intensity of the workout as per your fitness level. Attached to the front of the platform, you’ll see moveable handlebars that help you with balance and maintaining correct form.

    The exercises on the Megaformer incorporate the element of cardio, strength training, and all the most challenging parts of Pilates. By combining unconventional exercises, resistance training, and slow movements; Megaformer is a highly effective machine. It works out the body in a uniquely intense way while being low-impact.

    Celebrities That Love This Workout

    • Kim Kardashian

    There’s a reason why the likes of celebs like Kim Kardashian love this Pilates-inspired workout. It allows a smooth transition from one exercise to another. It increases the heart rate steadily while working out each muscle in a highly focused and concentrated manner.

    Result? You get lean and toned muscles. Ms Kardashian is often spotted working out at the Pilates Plus Studio in Encino, California.

    • Sofia Vergara 

    Megaformer happens to be one of the best-selling machines. And, the actress and comedienne Sofia Vergara also happens to own one in her home. For good reason too! Lagree is the only workout that combines balance, flexibility training, strength training, cardio, core, and endurance in all one neat package. 

    Amanda Freeman, founder and CEO of SLT opened her first studio in ‘11. She named it appropriately too as SLT stands for Strengthen, Lengthen, and Tone; all the promises that Lagree Fitness lives up to.

    • Jennifer Aniston

    In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Lagree founder himself said that. “Someone like Nicole Kidman and Courtney Cox love to workout. You don’t need to talk them into things. You also don’t have to drag them to come to the studio.”

    The beloved Jen Anne also happens to be a Lagree lover. Sebastian further added that most of the celebrities he has trained love working out and they also exercise amazing control; Jennifer Aniston is one of them.

    • Meghan Markle

    You know a workout is officially good when it gets the ultimate stamp of approval from the royalty itself. Speaking of royalty, Megan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex also happens to share a love for this fitness routine.

    The Duchess has often boasted of this wholesome, full-body workout that looks a lot like the Pilates Reformer; only better. Commenting on Lagree, Meghan said, ‘Your body changes immediately.’

    • Vanessa Hudgens

    The queen of boho chic, we all love Vanessa Hudgens and her beautifully toned abs. And, we need to credit Lagree for her excellent physique. The actress never shies away from sharing her workout selfies on Instagram. She is another celebrity to turn to for Lagree workout inspiration. 

    • Michelle Obama

    The former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, has been all about Lagree for a couple of years now. She has been the Megaformer to tighten up her core muscles. 

    Why Do You Need to Try Lagree Fitness ASAP?

    Lagree is literally the only workout routine that packs quite a punch without being too heavy on your body. Here are some reasons why you must give it a try – 

    • Great for all Age Groups – It doesn’t matter whether you’re in your 20s or 60s – Lagree doesn’t discriminate. You’ll enjoy this method regardless of your fitness level, age, or sex.
    • High-intensity, Low-impact  – Lagree will get your heart going. It will leave you huffing and puffing without damaging your spine, joints, or connective tissue. It’s the only workout that’s high-intensity without being high-impact.
    • Big on Form – There’s a huge emphasis on maintaining the correct form, posture, and alignment during all movements. That means you will only get targeted gains in all the desired places.
    • Works Out Core Muscles – Your core muscles are the basis of your posture and overall health. And, Lagree happens to incorporate several of those exercises. You can expect to give your pelvis, abdomen, and torso a really good workout.

    Bottom Line

    This article is brought to you by Lagree Fit 415. Want to learn the benefits of low-impact exercise? Read our informative article here and dive into Lagree fitness! If you are based in San Francisco, sign-up for your first Lagree Fit 415 class here.