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HCG Drops – Find the Best HCG Diet Drops

    Imagine a way to lose weight that is not only natural and very effective but also very user friendly and very painless. Sounds like it’s too good to be true right? Well, think again. The HCG drops are here.

    It is no secret that many people around the world struggle with weight issues and the issues of weight loss. With over one billion people in the world statistically reported to be obese, maybe finally science has a natural solution to their concerns through the now popular HCG drops.

    What Are HCG Drops?

    Before we go further though, we need to understand what this HCG drops really are. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a hormone produced in the female human body during pregnancy. This hormone plays a key role in regulating body metabolism. This hormone is what is contained in HCG drops that help with the burning of fats. Clinical Studies It is normal for anyone to want some piece of tangible evidence that a certain supplement works before they put it into their body.

    This is where clinical studies come in. Although the HCG drops specifically have not been tested, there are numerous studies that have looked into the claim that the HCG hormone helps with losing weight. In a study first revealed on March 2012 on an episode of The Dr Oz show, there were four random, blinded and placebo-controlled tests from which the data to be used was pooled and evaluated. Placebo patients were tested against the HCG patients who were on the same diet.

    The findings were that in both the HCG and Placebo group of patients, weight loss occurred. The difference was found in the structure of their bodies in relation to fat and muscle at the end of the study.

    Dr. Emma, who conducted the study stated that while the loss of weight is the same in the two groups, the HCG patients were found to have lost two pounds of muscle, as compared to the Placebo group who lost 5 pounds. A substantial difference because loss of muscle from the body frame put’s one at risk of regaining the lost weight, and is what happens to the Placebo patients or to those on a diet weight loss plan alone. This led to the conclusion that HCG helps in weight loss in a way that is both different and healthier than other diet only plans because it spares the body’s muscles.

    How it works A British doctor called Albert Simeons is credit to have discovered the hormone back in 1954. Dr. Simeons published a thesis in his book may help with the burning of fat when injected into the system and used alongside a very low calorie diet. The taking of these drops helps the body release additional calories from body fat and increases metabolism by up to 30%, therefore increasing the effectiveness of a low calorie diet.

    What is hCG, How is it Made?

    The role of this hormone leptin is to make sure of the burning of fat deposits in the body. It sends messages to the hypothalums region of the brain which includes telling the brain when enough fat deposits are stored and should you should stop eating. This is because overeating causes the fat that can’t be burned to be stored in the body again. Initially one of the concerns with the diet was the employment of a strict 500 calorie diet but there have been more subsequently updates of the treatment which have suggested that the daily calorie intake should be more like 550-800 calories and you will still experience the same level of weight loss.

    When & How To Take The Drops?

    There are essentially four steps on how to use the HCG drops. Step one is to naturally take the drops, under your tongue and swallow them after a minute or so. You are required to take the drops three times a day, preferably in the morning, before lunch and before dinner.

    -Step two begins on the third day of taking the drops. It is starting on the low calorie diet of calories that do not exceed 800 in a day. Depending on the amount of weight that you want to lose, you should follow this plan for up to around six weeks.

    -The third step is the stabilization stage when you stop taking the drops but maintain the low calorie diet for a further 3 days. You can start to add some more food to your diet on the fourth day going forward. It is advised that you add one food group at a time so that your body can adapt to each of these foods with ease. The last phase is the weight management stage where you are required to maintain a healthy lifestyle that would help you avoid gaining the lost weight once you stop taking the drugs.

    Conclusion and Recommendation

    Although The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only approves for HCG as a treatment to fertility problems, it can still be administered to you by a qualified doctor. And we believe that by following a strict diet plan, HCG helps you lose weight better and differently than just diet plan alone. We should however only proceed administering the drops after careful consultation with your doctor who will advise you on the proper dosages that would be best suited to your personal needs.