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Health benefits of bingo

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    Bingo is the name given to the American version of a community game which has its origins in an Italian lottery called ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia’. This game was in fact extremely popular during the mid-1500s! It reached North America in the year 1929 where it came to be known as ‘beano’, however, was later renamed bingo after a game’s caller yelled bingo rather than beano by mistake. The game is regularly played at all the local community and senior centres throughout the United States today.

    It has been finally proven that bingo is about much more than just a fun activity. Scientists and researchers have discovered that indulging in bingo on a regular basis provides multiple health benefits, especially for the elderly. It promotes socialisation and improves concentration levels (involving short-term memory as well as listening skills) of the player. Both these aspects are very important when it comes to the elderly, as they help them in maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle

    Therefore, if the elderly people at your home love playing bingo, you should encourage them even more as the game can prove to be an excellent means for promotion of their physical, emotional and mental health. Please note, with the availability of top quality online bingo Canada websites today, the elders can enjoy their favourite bingo games from within the comfort of the home too! Let’s throw some more light on these health benefits of bingo below.

    Cognitive benefits

    Playing bingo involves bringing one’s listening and concentration skills into play, which directly results in sharpening of the cognitive abilities. This proves to be a big benefit for people of all age groups, especially the elders. As the game requires you to be alert so that you don’t miss out any numbers, and then transfer the information onto the cards, it improves memory. University of Southampton’s researchers discovered that people who played bingo on a regular basis showed far better results in tests related to cognitive functioning, speed and memory, compared to those who didn’t play the game. 

    Bingo players also showed considerable improvement in their hand eye coordination. This was very evident in seniors. Even elders suffering from dementia showed marked improvement by regularly playing the game. Playing bingo with bigger cards, featuring bold and larger matter and contrasting colours improved memory and thinking skills in dementia patients, as well as the ones suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

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    Social benefits

    It’s a proven fact that the lack of socialisation leads to negative impact on people’s health and overall well-being, especially in the case of elderly. Engaging in social activities reduces anxiety, depression and stress. Elders who regularly take part in social activities lead healthier and longer lives. Enrolling into some regular bingo group gives elders an opportunity to make new friends and strengthen their bonds with the already existing ones. The game provides a fun and safe environment where they can connect with each other effectively. These connections give seniors something they can look forward to each day. Statistics have revealed that elders who engage in social activities like this experience much slower decline in their mental health.