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Health Benefits of Table Tennis

    Table tennis is a game where two players or a pair keep hitting a ball back and forth on a table using paddles. Now the question is, is there any advantage of playing this game other than improving your skills? The answer is a big yes. It is not just a game, but a form of exercise that helps you to have a healthy body and a sound mind. Additionally, there is a lower chance of falls and injuries. It is said to be a game of the fittest. This article will tell you about the top 9 health benefits of table tennis. 


    • Helps to shed extra pounds 


    Table Tennis can be a  fantastic way of burning extra calories while having fun at the same time. It is one of the fast-paced games. One needs to move his body in a limited space fast enough to hit the ball back. Fast movement can cause burring up calories. One can lose 200 to 350 calories per hour of play every day. 


    • Good for blood circulation


    As this game involves a lot of movement, it will teach one to move his body more swiftly and quickly. It will help you to improve blood circulation, which is one of the essential tasks of the body. Blood delivers oxygen to the brain and other organs to keep our body active. It can also help the cells to grow and can promote healthier skin. It is one of the significant health benefits of table tennis.


    • Good for muscles building


    The game will assist you in improving the strength of your legs, arms, and core muscles. Muscles help to generate a lot of power. Table tennis involves a lot of turning and twisting, which might be beneficial for muscle building. Moreover, it is easier on the joints, unlike other sports.


    • Grows concentration capacity


    Without the ability to concentrate, one cannot survive in this game for too long. This game will allow players to utilize 100% of their concentration. It will help them proceed with their minds in different areas comparatively more easily.  


    • Improves balance 


    The main goal of your opponent will be to make you miss hitting the ball back. To achieve this, he or she can deliver you unexpected shots. Table tennis will teach you how to maintain balance to return those unexpected shots.


    • Develops visual acuity 


    Table tennis improves coordination between hand and eye, which teaches a player how to be more focused. It might get trickier to trace the ball as the opponent will hit the ball with a lot of power. A player might struggle at the beginning, but with time and enough amount of practice, his hand will learn how to cope with the ball. One will be easily able to hit the ball at the right time. It will develop the power of tracing the speed of an object that is moving fast with the help of visualization power and brain.


    • Increases thinking ability 


    To ace the game, one needs to come up with lots of strategies and tricks. It will teach you how to deal with unpredictability. There are loads of ways to return a ball. Which shot is going to work for you entirely depends upon the type of your opponent’s hit and the direction of the ball. So a player will need to make fast decisions with his shots while returning. Table tennis will give you the capacity to think, reason, and understand yourself.  


    • Teaches you to stay calm


    As it will boost your decision making capability, it will also tell you how to remain calm. You need to appear as relaxed as possible to understand each of the shots. Panicking will defeat the purpose of the game. At the initial stage, you might find it harder to stay poised, but with no time, you will get along with the flow. 


    • Produces emotional benefits


    A disturbed mind cannot function properly. Boredom or laziness can cause a depression that might have a significant impact on the other sectors in our lives. Any of the sports that involve physical movement can be a solution. An excellent competitive sport can produce fun, and fun is needed for our minds. Table tennis can be an excellent choice as one can play this game at home using simple equipment. It is fun to play and can be very competitive at times.  

    Final thoughts 

    Once you start playing this game, you will be able to spot the health benefits of table tennis yourself. But keep in mind that to see the result, you need to be regular. If you are ready to invest a little portion of your time every day, there is no chance of not getting your desired results. Any fruitful outcome requires consistency. To improve the state of mental and physical health, one must start playing table tennis daily.