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Health tips for a better gameplay

    It’s an old myth that gamers look like one of these meme programmers with pimples and glasses. Of course, at the right amount of bad health habits, everyone can become not that good looking and healthy. The truth is that nowadays professional Esport gamers take their health routine very seriously. It’s not enough to just be good, you got to be the best. So here are some tips to increase your gameplay and health.

    A balanced lifestyle can improve overall health and gaming performance as sports athletes. Exercise creates numerous physical changes that can help players, both physically and mentally, reach a higher level. The three main improvements include enhanced stamina, increased stress management capacity, and improved cognitive function.


    Let’s start simple. Keep yourself hydrated! Two liters a day do the job perfectly. Make sure to carry your bottle with you, so you can take the sip anytime. 

    When the body moves the brain grooves

    Do a basic morning warm-up routine. Extensive research indicates that exercise can enhance cognitive function— speed, concentration, and flexibility, as well as pump up the hippocampus (responsible for learning new information and processing). Improving motor function, such as reaction time and hand-eye coordination, has also been demonstrated.

    Flex them fingers

    The playing careers of esport stars like Lee’ Flash’ Young Ho and Hai Lam have been devastated by multiple stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s why you should allow yourself to take regular breaks, this will give you a better chance of avoiding those ailments. Consider exercises too, such as rotating your hands in circles, flexing your fingers and extending your wrists at least once an hour. 

    Keep the spine straight 

    Most of us are guilty of being hunched over our screens and poor posture can make it much harder to keep our hands and wrists balanced properly. Try and play the computer at eye level with a straight back and you will prevent a lot of problems.

    When you slouch too much, you might cause problems in your body with other muscles and even give yourself some digestive problems. 

    Take your rest seriously 

    Getting sucked into a game is simple but giving your eyes a rest is important. Excessive screen time can strain the eyes and this can lead to headaches, dry eyes or even double vision. Make sure your monitor isn’t too noisy, and consider closing your eyes for a few minutes an hour to give your eye muscles a chance to relax.

    Using these tips in your everyday life will definitely increase your gameplay.