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Health tips for people who use laptops for long hours each day

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    There’s a great multitude of people who spend over 8 to 10 hours in front of their laptops/computers on a daily basis. And doing that inevitably takes a toll on their health, which they are often well aware of too. However, just because you have no option but to spend that amount of time on a desk doesn’t imply that you’re not destined to lead a healthy life. Here in this short article, we will share with you some health tips for people who use laptops for long hours each day. Furthermore, regardless of whether you spend that much time in front of the laptop to complete some office project or simply to indulge in some responsible online casino gambling, these tips are sure to help you stay in good physical shape, day in and day out.

    Place your laptop the right way

    It’s obvious that you might start experiencing some amount of neck and back pain if you look too far down or bend a little to work on your laptop. On the other hand, having to constantly gaze upwards can also make you experience dry eyes. Therefore, it’s best to use some kind of laptop stand or just a bunch of books to place your laptop in a position that you are not required to look down more than 10°.

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    Stay hydrated

    Often people mistake thirst for hunger, and end up binge eating. Sometimes even sleepiness is caused due to dehydration. Therefore, it becomes very important to stay hydrated in order to stay in good health. Furthermore, drinking ample amounts of water will automatically make you get up regularly from your desk, to refill the water bottle. Here’s an informative piece on the importance of hydration.

    Skip the elevator

    If your office is situated on the third floor of second floor, it’s always best to skip the elevator and take the stairs instead. In case you drive down to your workplace, try parking your car at a little distance from your office so as to give yourself an opportunity to walk some distance. Anyone who needs to spend long hours working on a laptop, on a desk, should grab every possible chance to do some walking to keep their muscles engaged and blood circulating.

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    Blink often

    Make it a habit to blink more often if you spend long hours in front of a laptop. As staring at a laptop screen automatically makes you blink three times less than normal, you must make up for that by putting in a deliberate effort. In addition, try following the 20-20-20 method when gazing at the laptop screen. It implies that after every 20 minutes you should gaze at something placed at a distance of 20 feet, for minimum 20 seconds.

    Set an alarm

    It’s very important walk a bit, around your workplace and get some stretching, every half an hour or hour, during your daily work hours. In case you don’t want to set an alarm, make sure that you do some stretching and walking whenever you go to refill your water bottle.