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Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Professionals

    Busy professionals are usually short of time, and frequently skip what is considered by many to be the most important meal of the day – breakfast. This meal isn’t merely ignored by teens who need to get to college on time, though. Even top medical professionals who drive up to work in a BMW and stride into their shift perfectly clad in Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs simply don’t have time to eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast. 


    Often, these people will have time to grab something to take along – be it a cookie or a coffee. But they don’t always manage to eat foods that will energize them and give them the power to get through their day. Breakfast is a very important meal; eating a healthy breakfast will help you to boost your level of energy and make you more alert. 

    Healthy Breakfast Options

    There are many healthy breakfast choices. Some of them take time to prepare, and others are readymade. Try these; you’ll hopefully feel so much more energized, and you’ll therefore be able to work much more efficiently. 

    Yogurt and Fruit

    This one’s easy. You can even prepare the fruit and cut it up the night before if you’re really short on time. You’ll get your fruit and your protein without wasting more than a minute at most! 

    Healthy Muffins & Milk

    Try blueberry muffins, oat muffins or granola muffins. Pack two of them in a bag together with a small thermos that contains milk. It’s so easy and filling, and delicious, too! And the best part is, you can bag the muffins and bottle of milk together the night before and leave them in the fridge, and then when you get up, just pull them out of the fridge, and you’ve got lunch ready just like that!


    Okay, so this idea may actually take more than five seconds… But it should take more than five minutes. Try an easy oatmeal recipe, add some strawberries or blueberries or sliced bananas if you please, and – voila! A healthy breakfast that’s ready to eat!


    Having a healthy breakfast in the morning is not so much about finding the time; it’s about being committed. You see now that preparing a nutritious breakfast can take seconds from your day. So, if health is important to you, try out one of these easy breakfast ideas. 


    There are so many benefits to eating breakfast – according to WebMD, not eating breakfast can make you “hangry,” be linked to being overweight, and even keep your blood sugar at a good level throughout the day. 

    Eating breakfast jump-starts your metabolism, and makes you less likely to snack on unhealthy foods throughout the day (since you’re less hungry).Eating breakfast is not just a part of the daily grind; it’s a start to a day that is focused on doing what you can to live right and stay healthy. This is the beginning step to a day of healthy living – try it out today!