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Healthy Menu alternatives for your Restaurant

    Running a restaurant can be difficult in the best of times and certainly much harder when dealing with a global pandemic.

    The trick to successfully staying in business is creating something original and offering what the customer wants. This means you need to consider dedicated café supplies that will allow you to personalize the accessories at your restaurant. 

    You should also consider an array of healthy menu options. More and more people are becoming aware of the association between food consumption and health. With this in mind, they want to enjoy a healthy meal when they choose to indulge.

    The good news is that it’s not as hard as you think to create healthy menu alternatives. Best of all, with a little planning and some fancy dish-naming, you can offer healthier alternatives alongside the traditional menus. That should keep everyone happy. If you’re trying to draw business for your restaurant, you may want to offer delivery options. People love to eat out but sometimes they want to have something healthy at home, cooked by a restaurant so they know it’s prepared perfectly and as expected.

    Sweet Potato Fries

    Fries are a standard accompaniment to many meals. However, fried foods are full of fat, meaning that they’re not the best option. Replace these with sweet potatoes, ideally baked as wedges. These are much higher in vitamin A and lower in unhealthy fats.

    Pizza Toppings

    A standard pizza choice is a pepperoni and perhaps sausage. Unfortunately, these are the saltiest and fattiest types of meat. Instead, the menu should include a salad bar that allows customers to make a healthy start to their meal. 

    Combine this with a grilled chicken or similar white meat pizza topping and you’ll boost protein levels without overdoing the salt and unhealthy fats.

    Oven Cooked (Baked) Food

    Take a look at anything on your menu that is fried, especially deep-fried. Remove it from the menu and replace it with oven cooked items. Chicken is a great example of this.

    The taste and the flavor will be just as good but the health implications are much better with baked food.


    Alongside the salad bar, you should offer an array of vegetables with every meal. People may even choose to have vegetables instead of fries. They are just as filling and much healthier.

    Having vegetables on your menu will help people to choose them, especially if they are different from the usual choices.

    Get Fishy

    Most fish have a high omega-3 content which is great for your brain and your joints. Adding a variety of fish to your menu will provide customers with the option to enjoy a nice piece of healthy fish along with vegetables.

    It’s significantly better for everyone than a Ribeye with a loaded baked potato and some creamy vegetables. 


    Don’t forget that there are plenty of vegetarians and vegans who want to enjoy a meal out. It can be harder to find a restaurant that caters to these people. Adding in a few dishes that appeal to vegetarians, vegans, and even those with allergies will help to attract repeat business.

    All you need to do is make sure the standard of food you offer is good enough to satisfy them and get them to keep coming back.