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Here Are the Signs Someone is High And How You Can Help Them Stop Using

    Did you know that almost 21 million Americans are addicted to at least one type of drug? From these people, only about 10 percent of them are looking for professional help and treatment. Abusing various substances is not fun at all and it can have serious consequences on someone’s life.

    Luckily, you can see the signs someone is high and do something to help him/her, especially if we talk about someone in the family. Here are the most obvious signs that your friend or relative needs professional help.

    1. Financial Problems

    These can be really serious and varied. For example, people who take a lot of drugs or consume too much alcohol tend to spend all their money to sustain their bad habits.

    They might spend their savings on drugs and even borrow from a friend to acquire a new drug dose. Similarly, drug users might not come to work every day and this will affect their paychecks and financial stability.

    2. Relationship Problems

    Addicts also have trouble sustaining a relationship with a partner, family member or friend. They might engage in frequent quarrels and arguments while isolating themselves from those who care about him. In the worst cases, addicts develop a very destructive behavior that eventually ruins their relationships.

    3. Responsibility Problems

    Everyone has a lot of tasks and responsibilities to juggle on a daily basis. This can be stressful, but it’s part of life. However, addicts tend to become more and more irresponsible when it comes to their professional and family duties. They might not keep their promises, forget about family meetings, and fail to assume responsibility when they make a mistake.

    4. Physical Problems

    The addiction symptoms don’t stop here. You can easily tell if someone is on drugs by watching his or her behavior and physical appearance. For example, addicts tend to stumble a lot of have difficulties keeping their balance.

    They might have a runny nose and a persistent cough as well as tremors and constant shaking. Drug addicts also say things that don’t make sense and often have slurred speech.

    5. Social Problems

    Another category of issues for addicts is represented by social conflicts and withdrawal. Drug addicts either spend more and more time alone, usually taking drugs or looking for ways to acquire them.

    If they are in a social situation, addicts are frequently getting in conflicts with other people, whether in a bar or a different social event. That’s because people who abuse alcohol and drugs have a very short fuse and are in a constant “fight or flight” state of mind.

    Helping Someone Get Off Drugs

    The first step in helping someone who abuses drugs is to make him/her realize that the issue is real. This is usually easier said than done. Discussing with the addict about his/her drug problem is essential.

    If the addict refuses to cooperate, seeking professional help is the right thing to do. The specialists from a rehab center can help the drug user to realize that he or she is on the wrong path in life. They will also help the addict deal with withdrawal symptoms and find a new purpose in life. 

    Now You Know The Signs Someone Is High!

    Once you are aware of the signs someone is high, the next step would be to proceed in a delicate, calculated manner. Don’t bring it up out of the blue.

    Try to initiate a conversation and see how it works. Hopefully, your loved one opens up and acknowledges that he or she has a problem. This step is crucial!

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