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Here’s the kind of realistic fitness rules you should have

    The recent outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 has disrupted lives to a great extent. Schools, offices, and even gyms, public parks, and yoga studios are shut down. Also, social distancing has led to the suspension of pickup and other league games as well. To curb the spread of this deadly virus, more than 95% of the country is under lockdown and people are ordered to stay-at-home.

    Since the pandemic has limited all the usual exercise options, here are some realistic fitness goals for the next coming months. And since it is unknown for how long the lockdown is going to continue for, it is more of a challenge to stay focused and committed to your fitness goals. Chances are that it is going to continue for a year or so.

    And although parks, recreation league games, and fitness facilities are closed, you must take care of your health since work from home has also disrupted the active lifestyle. You have to keep moving. And how you keep moving needs some rethinking considering the lockdown situation and stay-at-home orders. For example, if you are unable to do sports that you do for a few hours a week, you should substitute one-hour workouts about three to five times a week.

    And sure, the lockdown is stressful and even stressful to an extent. It can also offer you an opportunity. You can use this time to boost your workout routine and improve your fitness. Since you are no longer going to work and working from the comfort of your home, the stay-at-home order lets you have an ample amount of time, and how you choose to use that time is up to you.

    Having said that, there are five realistic fitness goals that you can achieve in the coming 12 months.

    Design a new workout routine

    As you are unable to work out at the gym or go to the park, your initial goal should be to create a new workout regimen. There are numerous online resources that you could help you out in developing one. If you go to a yoga studio as part of your normal routine, and it is closed due to the lockdown, that doesn’t mean that you have to stop your practice. Also, various yoga instructors have opted for online courses and use online mediums to teach the courses.

    Also, a variety of trainers are making workout routines available online. You can also find various exercise apps available. Another thing that you can do is developing a workout routine and then writing it down. You are more likely to follow a routine that you have penned down.

    Get Creative

    Also, see that you get creative when it comes to exercise equipment. And unless you have an exercise studio or a home gym, or even a high-end exercise bike, there is not a lot that you can do in terms of the availability of workout equipment. But with some creativity, you can surely find some way.

    Say, you are doing strength training that you can substitute for an empty 2-gallon milk jug instead of free weights. You could fill up the jugs with beans, rice, or water. They could help conduct strength training with these makeshift weights.

    Focus on your core’s improvement

    Core strengthening exercises do not require a lot of room. There are limitless exercises that you can do with home items or no equipment at all. You can modify bridges, crunches, and planks with the help of twisting motions. Or they can be done on your side or with countless other modifications that help in building and strengthening your entire body even though when you are in a tight space.

    Watch your weight

    Some people might be able to achieve their weight loss goals that they had set before the pandemic struck. But managing your weight is a realistic goal during this crisis. Your movement has become limited and you are surely having comfort food as well. So, it is unrealistic to think that you would continue to lose weight or start doing so.

    Sleep more and better

    No matter what your goal is, to lose body fat, build muscle, or maintain weight, you must get sound sleep at night. It is important. When you sleep poorly, it becomes harder for the body to shed the body fat and leaves you lot less focused. You can create better sleeping habits since you don’t have to get up early for work. See that you stay away from gadgets and devices that emit LED light. Refrain from using cell phones, tablets, and laptops at least an hour before you sleep.

    So, that is how you set and achieve realistic goals during this time of crisis. And if you have a personal trainer who has recommended you to use items available at home, you can do exercises and continue to take steroids, if any, at home. If you want to use high-quality and branded anabolic steroids for sale in the U.S., you can take a look at Buy Steroids Online. It is a renowned supplier of authentic and top-quality steroids in the U.S. that ships all over the country right to your doorstep. You would find plenty of steroids as well as weight loss products. Check them out now!