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Here’s Why You Should Be Using Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    Almost half of Americans want to try CBD products. That, plus the legalization of hemp in 2018, could be one reason the CBD market has been growing so fast.

    Of course, interest and market growth has led to an explosion of CBD products on the market. In turn, it’s getting harder and harder to choose the right CBD product to try.

    If you’re wondering about subjects like full spectrum versus CBD isolate, this article is for you. It explores the differences between full- and broad-spectrum products, as well as isolates. It will also help you compare the pros and cons of each.

    You might be surprised to learn that full spectrum products could be the best bet when it comes to choosing CBD products. Here’s why.

    The Spectrum of CBD Products

    CBD products tend to fall into one of three categories:

    • Full spectrum
    • Broad spectrum
    • Isolate

    These terms refer to the purity of the CBD product. Typically, CBD isolate is purer than the other two categories.

    This means the oil is more refined than full- or broad-spectrum oils. This usually results in a higher concentration of CBD in the final product.

    Broad-spectrum CBD oil is more middle of the road. It’s more refined than full spectrum, but it’s not as pure as isolate.

    Full spectrum is the least refined of the three types.

    Full Spectrum vs Isolate

    CBD isolate tends to get you the most CBD per serving. Some products do dilute the CBD with carrier oils. Isolate is generally good if you plan to make other products with it.

    Some people prefer CBD isolate so they can maximize their dose. This could help them realize more of CBD’s potential health benefits.

    Others say full spectrum CBD oils could be the better choice. Since the oil is less refined, it contains more of the other substances that occur in the hemp plant.

    What’s in oil made from full spectrum hemp flower CBD? Some of the substances include:

    • Other cannabinoids, like CBG and CBN
    • Flavonoids
    • Terpenes
    • Vitamins and minerals

    When you use CBD isolate, you’re missing out on the potential benefits of these other substances. Other cannabinoids may have potential benefits similar to CBD. Terpenes, vitamins, and minerals all have their own health benefits as well.

    Once again, broad spectrum represents the middle of the road. Since it’s more refined than full spectrum, it loses some of the goodness of the whole plant. It still has more cannabinoids, terpenes, and vitamins than CBD isolate.

    The CBD Entourage Effect

    Another reason to consider full spectrum CBD over CBD isolate is the entourage effect.

    Researchers suggest that CBD might actually work best in concert with the other compounds found in hemp plants. Some studies show that the effects of CBG and CBD, for example, seem to enhance each other.

    That means you get more of the benefits of each when you take them both together.

    Terpenes also seem to work together with CBD. Terpenes are what give plants their unique aromas. Some research has even suggested they may play a role in why different strains of cannabis sativa cause different effects.

    Terpenes have their own potential health benefits. Myrcene has a sedative effect and it could assist with muscle spasms. It also acts as an antioxidant and an antiseptic.

    Myrcene also occurs in plants like lemongrass. Many people have used lemongrass has been used in folk medicine for a variety of symptoms. In CBD oil, myrcene may contribute to feelings of relaxation or even sleepiness.

    CBD can also have relaxing effects. When CBD and myrcene interact, they may amplify these effects. The end result is a more relaxing experience for you.

    Is Full Spectrum Intoxicating?

    Some people are concerned that full spectrum oil may be more intoxicating than CBD isolate. CBD itself is non-intoxicating. Some people believe CBD isolate is less likely to have side effects.

    Any CBD oil derived from hemp plants will be non-intoxicating. Full spectrum oil may have more cannabinoids in it, but it still has extremely low levels of THC.

    THC is the substance responsible for most of the intoxicating symptoms of cannabis. Hemp plants, by contrast, legally can only have 0.3% THC in them.

    Any oil made from hemp will thus have very little THC in it. Full spectrum hemp CBD oil has low concentrations of THC. Using it won’t produce any more side effects than CBD isolate.

    You Might Get More CBD

    Counter to the idea that CBD isolate will give you more CBD, full spectrum oils may be a better bet.

    You can thank the entourage effect again. The other compounds in full spectrum oils could increase the amount of CBD you get in two different ways.

    First, many of these compounds are broken down by the same enzymes that break down CBD. Since the enzymes have more to focus on, they may not break down CBD as quickly. This could increase the amount of CBD that’s available and the length of time it’s available.

    Some compounds also seem to help CBD move through the system. Some terpenes, for example, are very good at moving substances through the skin. They’re so effective that they’re intentionally added to some transdermal pharmaceuticals.

    They might also help CBD move through the body. This also increases bioavailability. In turn, your body can actually use more of the CBD you’re taking.

    Since these compounds aren’t in CBD isolate, you don’t get these same effects. Instead, you may end up needing to take a higher dose to actually get the same benefits.

    Tips for a Healthier You

    Adding CBD to your healthy lifestyle could help you in a few different ways. There are so many different CBD products out there, it can feel a little bit overwhelming. Choosing a full spectrum product is almost never the wrong choice.

    If you’re looking for more ideas on how to improve your health, check out our extensive library of informative articles. We have all the latest tips and trends to help you live your best life.