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High-Quality Neuropathy Treatment Specialists in Ohio

    Elite Physical Medicine offers top-ranking absolute care for numerous systemic and orthopedic conditions. Using the latest innovations in conjunction with ancient medicine and a dedicated team you can trust the practice to meet your unique needs in a comfortable treatment experience.

    About Elite Physical Medicine

    Your skillful medical team at Elite Physical Medicine focuses on integrative, wholesome care for a full range of orthopedic and systemic conditions. Ohio residents trust the neuropathy treatment center for customized care, including chiropractic care, physical medicine, regenerative medicine, therapeutic exercise, and other non-surgical treatment options.

    Your providers at the practice use numerous diagnostic tests such as physical evaluations, reflex and strength tests, X-rays, posture, gait analysis, and other diagnostic procedures. After spending time with each patient, the team ensures they comprehend the nature of your symptoms, lifestyle habits, concerns, and health history.

    At the practice, medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and suitable health professionals work jointly to design effective treatment plans against sciatica, joint pain, knee pain, injuries, and other conditions. Their personalized treatment plans guarantee speedy relief, improved function and mobility, as well as structural healing.

    Services Available at Elite Physical Medicine

    Your proficient team at Elite Physical Medicine provide a wide range of high-class services such as:

    •       Joint Pain Specialist – Not only does painful joints affect your movements, but they might also make you incapable of attending to your daily chores. If you suffer from this condition, contact the medical professionals at Elite Physical Medicine for efficient diagnosis and treatment.
    •       Knee Pain Specialist – You are at liberty to incorporate chiropractic care with neck and back pain. This treatment can also minimize knee pain and reinstate your mobility. At the practice, expert specialists provide complete, customized treatments to alleviate knee pain.
    •       Chiropractor Specialist – A chiropractor is an expert skilled at providing safe and natural care for joint pain, arthritis, injuries, and other conditions. If you need these services to better your overall health, contact the chiropractic team at Elite Physical Medicine for a customized program.
    •       Regenerative Medicine Specialist – Do you suffer from chronic pain but are apprehensive about taking painkillers or undergoing surgery? Regenerative medicine, a non-surgical, drug-free treatment, can be ideal for you. At the practice, your team regularly offers safe regenerative medicine injections for relief.
    •       Sciatica Specialist – If your legs feel weak, numb, or you experience shooting pains down your thigh, it may be due to a condition called sciatica. Your providers at Elite Physical Medicine treat sciatica with joint treatment plans that entail chiropractic and medical methods to grant you a reprieve.
    •       Neck and Back Pain Specialist – Pains in your neck and back affect your mood, making it difficult to operate normally, and affecting your sleep quality. For a personalized treatment plan against this condition, contact the specialists at Elite Physical Medicine.
    •       Herniated Disc Specialist – The debilitating pain or numbness in your back area may be due to a herniated disc. Your professionals at Elite Physical Medicine work jointly to design a comprehensive program that relieves your condition and restores your mobility.

    Do you seek safe, natural pain relief absent of medications or surgery? Feel free to reach out to Elite Physical Medicine via phone or through the online booking tool to get the relief you need.