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Himalayan Salt- Try this unique salt once

    A pinch of salt makes a difference in any recipes. But does the type of salt that you use also make a difference in your recipe. Yes, a Himalayan salt is different from the regular salt. You might be wondering salt is salt, how it can taste different when the source is same. No, you are wrong as pink salt is different both in taste, and cost. It’s expensive though but is very healthy for our body. And the fact is that it is most expensive than any other salt whether sea salt or table salt. 

    Get to know more interesting facts about this unique salt in our article. 

    Himalayan salt- what is so different about it?

    It’s not just the name that differs but also color is different. You will be surprised to know that it is pink in color. Yes, its look good and taste good as well. The Khewra Salt Mine in the Himalayas is the source of origin of pin salt. This largest and oldest mine is producing a healthy ingredient that goes in almost all kind of recipes. However, it is extracted by hand and not using any machines. Moreover, no chemical process is used to refine the salt. As a result, it is additive free and you get to taste more natural salt from the mother earth. 

    The natural process retains the minerals and elements that our regular table salt does not possess. So, it’s of course healthy. For your surprise, it contains 84 different types of minerals. Due to the abundance of minerals and elements that it has, the salt gets it pink color. However, the main mineral is sodium chloride. 

    How to use the Himalayan salt?

    You can use it in your diet or have non-dietary uses as well. But the best way to use is given below.

    Eat or cook

    Generally speaking, just like you add table salt in your soup, gravy, or other recipe, use Himalayan salt similarly. In addition to this, you can use it in your marinades and sauces. 

    Moreover, this works well as a cooking surface. Purchase large block of salts and place it onto the grill. Put the meat over the grill and let it sear slowly. The salt will give a salty flavor from Himalaya to your meat without making it too salty. 

    However, while using Himalayan salt you should consider something for example, the quantity of salt. Apart from the quantity you should also consider the texture of salt. In short, check how coarse or fine your salt is. If you use coarse salt then you have to add much salt in the dish. On the other hand, fine salt means less quantity. This is because of the variation of sodium in the salt

    A tablespoon of salt that is finely grounded contains more sodium, approx 2,300 mg. On the other hand, the coarse salt contains less sodium which is as less as 2000mg. 

    However, when you compare the quantity of sodium chloride of regular table salt and Himalayan salt both varies. This is because the pink salt has less sodium chloride. Therefore, you must check the nutrition label before using pink salt. 

    Pink salt for non-dietary uses 

    Apart from cooking you can use it for some other purposes. For example you can use it for bathing . The pink salt is known for improving skin conditions. In addition to this, it can treat your sore muscles and soothes it. 

    The best use of pink salt is seen to remove air pollutants. A salt lamp is good for that so get a large salt block and put it along with a light source. The light source will slowly heat the salt and its aroma will work on the air pollutants. It will give you a pollutant free air. 

    Moreover, people use pink salt to make man-made caves and spend their time there. This is for removing their respiratory problems and improving skin health. 

    So, whether you use it this way or in cooking you will get its amazing benefits. 

    Check out the minerals in pink Himalayan salt 

    Aforementioned that it contains mineral in abundance so here we will tell you about some of them. it has common minerals that are also found in table salt like calcium and potassium. Apart from that it contains few more minerals that are not found in your regular salt like molybdenum and strontium. 

    But very small quantities of these minerals are present in the salt.  

    Health benefits of Himalayan salt

    Several study claims that this salt can treat your health conditions, so let you know how it is beneficial for your health. 

    • Pink salt treats respiratory diseases
    • It is known for reducing aging signs
    • It is known for improving the sleeping quality 
    • Your blood sugar will be in regulation if you use pink salt regularly
    • It balances the pH level of your body
    • And a surprising benefit, it increase your libido

    We cannot tell you whether the last one is absolutely true or not but the rests are somewhat true. Few studies have revealed that lung diseases can be treated by the salt caves. 

    A contradicting fact is that the body’s pH is depended on the lungs and kidneys rather than pink salt. It is because these body organs regulate the pH of your body. 

    Whether the studies are right or not, pink salt will be beneficial if you add into your diet because it contains more minerals. So, go to shop and buy it now. 

    But before you buy you must decide what type of salt you want, that is decide its texture. Coarse and fine pink salt works well. But you must care about the volume only. However, you may not find much difference in the taste. 

    Moreover, you may not find the salt in ordinary shops. But don’t worry; the product is always available online. Try this once and see the difference in your recipe and health. No matter whether you bake or grill, you can always use Himalayan salt.