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Hip Pain Solutions You Can Trust in Georgia

    Woman with hip joint pain. Sport exercising injury

    Hip pain, though often overlooked, can cause plenty of inconveniences; sometimes making it near impossible for you to move freely. Lack of professional assistance could leave you immobile. If you encounter an issue with your hip in Albany, you can trust the advanced solutions available at Orthopaedic Associates to relieve your pain and restore your normal function. Do not suffer in silence or risk losing mobility. Schedule your appointment today for lasting solutions.

    Causes of Hip Pain

    Hip pain has numerous potential causes. The most common causes of hip pain include:

    ·       Tendinitis

    ·       Arthritis, including osteoarthritis

    ·       Stress fracture

    ·       Bone loss (osteoporosis)

    ·       Labral tear, a cartilage tear

    ·       Sprains and strains

    ·       Avascular necrosis, or bone death due to lack of blood

    ·       Joint inflammation (bursitis)

    If your hip pain is relentless and interferes with your functioning ability, you need to schedule an appointment with Orthopaedic Associates as soon as possible.

    Hip Pain Diagnosis

    Your providers at Orthopaedic Associates apply multiple tools to determine the underlying cause of your hip pain. You will be required to describe your symptoms and their effect on your daily life. Furthermore, they consider your medical record, family history, symptoms, and physical condition to identify the possible triggers.

    All kinds of imaging, including X-rays and ultrasound, are conducted on-site to enable your provider to identify the problem hastily and efficiently. In some cases, the precise cause of your hip pain can be difficult to determine without a closer look at your inner hip. In such a case, your provider conducts arthroscopy, a minimally invasive procedure whereby they view the hip joint via a single tiny incision, to facilitate diagnosis.

    How is Hip Pain Treated?

    Your specialists always begin with conservative treatments such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy and stem cell therapy to help restore damaged cartilage and other tissue. Stem cell therapy and PRP also enhance your healing and alleviate pain.

    Regenerative medicine treatments can give you outstanding results such that you will not need surgery. Even if you need surgery, regenerative medicine treatments can still help you delay it for some time.

    At Orthopaedic Associates, you can access multiple hip surgery options, including bone realignment, hip replacement, and hip resurfacing. During partial hip replacement surgery, your provider removes and replaces the ball part of your hip (head of the femur). Whereas in a total hip replacement, your surgeon removes your femur’s hip socket and head, replacing them with biocompatible materials.

    Hip surgery can be ideal for eliminating your pain and restoring your full range of motion. However, you will need physical therapy following your surgery to improve your function and strength gradually.

    Other Services

    Orthopaedic Associate’s specialists do not stop at hip pain. Contact them to receive various quality treatments such as:

    ·       Hand problems

    ·       Neck and back

    ·       Foot and ankle

    ·       Wrist

    ·       Spine

    ·       Knee pain

    ·       PRP injections

    ·       ACL Reconstruction

    ·       Pain management

    ·       Ligament injuries

    ·       Arthroscopic knee surgery

    ·       Shoulder

    ·       Trigger finger

    ·       Total knee replacement

    ·       Sports medicine injuries

    Unyielding hip pain can be debilitating and affects your life’s quality. That said, you need to seek effective treatment for enduring relief. For expert hip pain services, call Orthopaedic Associates or schedule your consultation online.