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Home Renovation Tips to Help You Save More Money

    For many of us, the topic of remodeling is a sore wound. Some people are just afraid of changes, whilst for others, the question of expenses to restore the dwelling place or to repair a broken wall is very sensitive. We got used to knowing that the costs of remodeling service are high, and it is needed to save money to afford it. However, remodeling of high quality and moderate prices exists: professionals of A+ Construction & Remodeling are ready to help you with any kind of remodeling in Sacramento!

    So, while the average cost of remodeling one’s house across the US is close to 50 thousand dollars, some companies tend to request over 100 thousand dollars per service. Surely, it all depends on the scale of work, including the size of the living area of the house to be remodeled, materials used, and even the time of the year. In contrast, we guarantee that the A+ team suggests the fairest prices for any type of remodeling work in your area. So, do not be worried that your budget is too low to upgrade your place— they will find the best solution right for your case!

    In the article below, you wIn the article below, you will find all the necessary information on how to save money on home extension remodeling provided by A+ Construction & Remodeling professionals.

    What Factors Affect The Price of Remodeling

    Here you will find the factors that are to increase the price of your remodeling project. Consider them to estimate the future costs. Hopefully, this part will help you to understand where you can save money.

    1. Living Area

    As is mentioned above, the prices may vary according to the size of the house. Moreover, some companies even raise the costs depending on the size of the external living space. Indeed, it is logically approved that the bigger the house, the higher the price. The average reconstruction cost in a 1000-square-foot house in the US is about 19 thousand dollars.

    2. The Age of The House

    Older houses are harder to reconstruct since the groundwork is weak and more materials are needed. Usually, the change of more things that were in the house initially is required. Therefore, try to make sure you add all the desired changes to the project before you give it to the contractor, so you will not get into the situation in which you have to redo your previous remodeling.

    3. Area of Residence.

    The final price tag may also increase if your house is situated far from the building company’s main office or storage. Big sums are spent on transportation of the building materials to the place of remodeling. Furthermore, some supplies have to be delivered by postal services from other countries. So, if you have an opportunity to make transportation by yourself, it may help you in saving money.

    4. Remodeling Plan.

    Not surprisingly, some rooms are more expensive to remodel than others. For instance, bathrooms and kitchens are almost twice as pricey to reconstruct as other areas. It depends mostly on the presence of complicated plumbing and venting systems in the rooms. The cheapest rooms to remodel are the dressing room and study since they are usually small and do not have any specific features to conform to.

    5. Building Materials and Other Factors.

    Undoubtedly, better materials will cost more to employ (including the transportation of them since it is crucial to transfer them in safe and sound conditions). Note that eco-friendly materials will cost more, too. Some other factors that influence the final price are the contractor’s decisions concerning service fees or the time of the year, which is also connected to transportation issues.

    How to Estimate The Budget

    The crucial part of the remodeling process is to consider the prices in advance. Imagine if you call the contractor and tell them you are ready to launch the process but then hear the price and blush surprisedly because of the unexpected rate. To avoid such situations, try to think of the approximate prices beforehand.

    1. Consider The Sources of Payments

    As well as in many other situations concerning costly purchases, you will need to think of your income: will it be enough throughout the whole way of remodeling? Think of the necessity of the renovation if you are going to take considerable loans. If you really need to get some changes to your house, we will provide you with information about various loan options for remodeling below.

    2. Think of Unexpected Circumstances

    Estimate the permanency of your income, the reliability of the contractor, and the ability to borrow money in a state of emergency. 

    3. Carry out The Remodeling Plan

    Again, in order not to redo the remodeling after the builders have done their work, make the plan in detail from the very beginning. It should consist of all the changes you want to see after the remodeling is done and all extra purchases for fulfilling the project (accessories, furniture, textile, etc.). Moreover, the contractor will ask you to describe or show the plan to see what changes are needed and to state the rates. You should also consider the location of doors and windows and the needed materials to embrace the precision of your plan.

    4. Check Estimations With The Contractor

    No matter what, do not be afraid to make small mistakes. All the possible processual dangers, details of the reconstruction, and many other important subjects will be considered closely for you by the chosen contractor company. They will tell you which details from the plan are impossible to perform and what has to be added to it to improve the initial plan. In addition, such estimation will help you and the contractor not to step out of the budget since all the details will be mentioned in the contract.

    Do not forget about these rules before remodeling your living area, and the result will not disappoint you. Moreover, the process will be less energy- and money-consuming!

    Financing Methods

    As promised, here you will find the most recommended sources for finding money for your home remodeling project. Briefly, it is borrowing and refinancing, but further, some more details are presented.

    1. Cash-Out Refinance

    Refinancing is an option for advanced banks users. It is made by cashing out the existing mortgage, so the extra money you get after the transaction is given in cash and can be spent on whatever you want (in our case, it is renovation). However, you will have to make installments monthly to be able to use the given money.

    2. Loan 203 Thousand

    This type of loan is a useful tip for those homeowners who are moving to a new house and considering the contractor company to do the remodeling. The FHA 203K loan will suggest an affordable interest rate for the home development.

    3. Capital Loan

    The home equity line of credit (HELOC) is different from other types of loans or credit plans. In this case, you can take the money by securing it with your own initial capital as a deposit. The lender will consider how much money you can take, and you will have to make repayments. It is a good option for those who want to have a renovation since it is a safe and quick way to get money from the bank. 

    4. Personal Loan

    Finally, there exists a personal loan, which is undoubtedly less attractive for home remodeling. It has a bigger interest rate, yet it does not imply a pledge of property.

    Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

    Since kitchen remodeling is among the most expensive types, about 50 thousand dollars on average, we would like to share some particular insights on the topic. However, not to mention that the price depends on the scale and complexity of work.

    Kitchens usually require a special renovation approach, so you will need to invest a lot of money to get the modern and practical design. Before launching the renovation, create the plan (the details are described above in the article), and decide whether you want to remodel the kitchen by yourself or with the help of the designer. The DIY method can be less costly, of course, but hiring a professional contractor will ensure safety and high quality.

    Most importantly, find a reliable contractor and turn on your imagination since you will have to generate many ideas for the remodeling plan. But do not forget to view comments on your contractor on independent websites beforehand to make the right choice. Create the financial plan for your wishes, make a deposit for the first part of the remodeling, and order the furniture and accessories in advance. Note that saving the initial room layout will save you money considerably.

    Also, remember that during the renovation process, you will not be able to live in your house. The noise, presence of builders, and the danger to your life may not allow you to stay there until the end of the work. Consider a place to stay till it is over.


    In conclusion, never launch the project before knowing the estimated prices to avoid overpaying and a financial dead end! Consider all the tips suggested in the article, and your remodeling project will be most beneficial for you.