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Hosting Cheap Funerals

    Millions of funerals are held every single year and it can be a time of tremendous grief.


    However, one of the unnoticed realities of hosting funerals involves the costs associated with it. These costs can add up and lead to significant financial concerns depending on how much the bill comes out to be.


    Here’s a detailed look at hosting cheap funerals and what to consider.


    What to Consider




    This is often the centrepiece of a funeral and is something people spend on excessively. While this may be what a person requires at the moment, it’s also a great place to save depending on the situation. For example, several low-cost caskets can be found and/or (rented) based on how the burial will take place.


    While renting may not be an option for you, a low-cost casket can still be found. This is often dependent upon the casket’s materials. Take the time to look around at all of the options before making a decision.


    Burial Costs


    There are several burial costs associated with the process and this includes the burial process. It’s important to look into these costs and save as much as possible by getting a package deal. With funeral package deals, everything comes from one provider ensuring the costs aren’t split up leading to excessive fees.


    Low-Cost Burial Sites


    In certain parts of the nation, there are low-cost burial sites that can provide similar value at a reduced fee. These low-cost burial sites are priced in such a manner due to their location. However, this can also be a great way to save on the burial costs. In these locations, the site can often be put up at 50% of the original price.


    It’s best to ask about these sites while assessing the various options available to you.




    This is a process used to preserve the human body but isn’t mandatory. It can cost quite a bit depending on how the embalming takes place. Therefore, it’s important to consider all variables before making a decision one way or the other. Embalming can be avoided and will save a considerable amount of money in the end.


    5) One Bouquet Instead of Many


    Sometimes, a premium bouquet of flowers is a lot better than choosing smaller variations. These can add up and cost a lot when it’s unnecessary. Instead, it’s highly recommended to choose one meaningful bouquet and have it placed in the right spot during the funeral. This will have more of an impact and is going to lead to savings on the final bill.


    Final Thoughts


    In the end, funerals are a time of remembrance and it’s important to focus on the important details. No one should have to pay exorbitant amounts for funeral proceedings nor do they have to. Instead, by taking the advice mentioned here, you can take advantage of the options available to you while still honouring your loved one.


    It’s the ideal way to manage the funeral and will offer tremendous savings in the long-run.  If you are in need of a budget funeral in Australia contact Queensland Discount Funerals at