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Houston Pain Specialists – Your Nerve Block Specialists in Houston

    Individuals suffering from long-term and chronic pain usually find themselves losing the ability to do their daily activities. If you are one of them, you are not alone. Houston Pain Specialists have skilled and experienced pain doctors who can provide you with a  nerve block in Houston if you are dealing with implications of health conditions or injuries. Nerve blocks can manage your pain and lessen inflammations, and the wide array of nerve blocks offered at Houston Pain Specialists can assist your doctor in identifying the root cause of your pain and determine whether additional treatment would be effective.

    What is a nerve block?

    The nerve roots are located in the spinal cord and consist of nerve fibers that spread to all the significant parts of your body, such as the legs, arms, organs, glands, and muscles. The sympathetic nerves transmit sensory information like temperature, pain, and touch. They also control several processes like digestion, body and facial movement, perspiration, respiration, and heart rate.

    A nerve block is utilized to treat persistent chronic pain by blocking the transmission of the signals of pain from the sympathetic nerve roots in the spinal cord. This type of block is usually used when other treatments like steroid injections and pain medications are not effective at relieving your pain.

    Nerve Blocks Target Pain with Accurate Precision

    Nerve blocks can be especially helpful for individuals who have pain that has failed to respond to physical therapy and other medications. In addition, nerve block injections have proven to reduce inflammation and lessen the impact of nerve damage and remedy spinal stenosis. Houston Pain Specialists treat a wide range of nerve block injections, including:

    •         Joint
    •         Trigger point
    •         Facet Joint
    •         Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)
    •         Epidural Steroid
    •         Shoulder
    •         Epidural Steroid
    •         Sacroiliac Joint
    •         Carpal tunnel
    •         Piriformis Muscle
    •         Bursa
    •         Neck
    •         Ankle
    •         Back

    Nerve Blocks Can Identify the Source of Your Chronic Pain

    A nerve block is also an effective technique for managing pain as it delivers a local anesthetic or steroid to the area around your injury and offers your doctor a clearer picture of what causes your pain. In addition to helping the doctor pinpoint the source of your chronic pain, nerve blocks can predict the outcome of potential treatments and treat acute pain. Houston Pain Specialists offer a wide array of Nerve Blocks, all of which target different parts of the body, including:

    •         Suprascapular
    •         Interscalene
    •         Superior Hypogastric Plexus
    •         Intercostal
    •         Stellate Ganglion
    •         Ilioinguinal
    •         Sphenopalatine Ganglion
    •         Iliohypogastric
    •         Pudendal
    •         Genitofemoral
    •         Occipital
    •         Ganglion Impar
    •         Celiac Plexus

    Possible Side Effects of a Nerve Block

    Like with most medical practices, there are potential risks connected with sympathetic nerve blocks. Although it is rare to have these side effects, it is crucial to discuss the following symptoms with your healthcare provider:

    •         A feeling of weakness, or some warmth
    •         Bruising around the site of injection
    •         Bleeding at or around the injection site
    •         Temporary soreness around the site of injection

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