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How a Denturist Can Renew Your Smile

    Tooth loss is an unwanted yet common issue for many people. Brought on for many reasons, such as gum disease, tooth decay, and even smoking, many adults have to face the possibility of gaps in their smile.

    For many of us, our confidence can be tied with our appearance, and with social stigmas being what they are, having a broken smile can have a huge impact on our self-worth. Not just this, but our overall health can suffer too, as with less confidence we can choose to stay out of sight more, remaining indoors and inactive. Not only can this lead to further confidence crisis including loneliness, eating issues and weight gain.

    But what is the solution? After all, once a tooth is lost it is not like we have the ability to re-grow another in its place. Whatever the reason for the loss, there is always a solution. With advances in dentistry, there are now more options available than ever before. No longer must a patient wait to have a full set of dentures, but with partial dentures, bridges, and implants available, everyone can have the perfect smile.

    Regular brushing and dental checks are crucial for all aspects of oral health, whether you have all of your natural teeth or not. Just like the enamel on our regular teeth, the resins used in the construction of false teeth, veneers and dentures can stain from everyday consumables, in particular, coffee, red wine, and tobacco. Ideally, one would brush at least once a day with the appropriate toothpaste and brush so as to remove food residue and prevent staining.

    In the past dentures where often made from plastic or porcelain, however, in the modern age of dentistry, they are more often constructed from a hard resin. Much like our natural teeth, those made from the resin can be chipped and will naturally wear down over time, and thus will need to be replaced every so often. Regular trips to the denturist can help to prevent unnecessarily speedy replacements being required, not only saving your smile but your money as well.

    If you have suffered from tooth loss then visiting a denturist could have several beneficial outcomes. Not only can a denturist aid in the construction of false teeth, but they can also help to maintain, care for and guard your remaining pearly whites. If you play rough sports such as American football or rugby, then chances are you will need a mouth guard if you want to ensure all of your remaining teeth remain undamaged. A denturist can help with this.

    Not only will a denturist repair any cracks or chips in false teeth, but they will also check the alignment on an annual basis, to ensure that the dentures fit correctly in the mouth, supporting the jaw and any other remaining teeth. Of course, whilst regular visits to the denturist are highly advisable, those patients with only partial tooth loss should still seek yearly appointments with a regular dentist too.