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How A Nice Smile Can Boost Your Confidence

    In today’s world of social media and instant internet access, image is everything. Social Media influencers, Youtube stars, and Internet personalities have leveraged their positions online to generate a ton of wealth. One thing that has been noted is that most of these people are doing it with a nice smile. What does that mean? A smile can boost confidence and prepare you to be in front of an audience.

    Shy about standing in front of a camera? Well, if your teeth are crooked and you are self-conscious about that then being on video might not be for you. But why shy away from the wealth of opportunities that exist online when some simple orthodontic work can turn your crooked smile into an attractive feature. When people smile and have bad teeth, it’s usually the first thing people notice. There is a picture floating around online of a guy with one eyebrow and a set of crooked teeth. When you look at the picture, the only thing you notice is the teeth, until you read the comment and notice the eyebrow missing.

    We emailed an orthodontist in Oklahoma City and asked about cosmetic dentistry and the impact it has on people in their local market. We have yet to hear back from that group, but we are certain that it’s a similar experience as it is here. An attractive smile will give you the confidence you need to get in front of a camera and start a YouTube channel or start an Instagram account that features you and your daily activities.

    Getting a following is only part of the process of being a social influencer, once you have an audience, you need to monetize your profile so that you can earn money doing what you love. This all plays into having a healthy, beautiful smile. Chances are you won’t gain many followers if you have crooked, rotten teeth. Orthodontic treatment doesn’t need to be painful, braces are always an option, and so are Invisalign treatments. While braces are more of a permanent solution until they are removed, Invisalign is temporary and can be used whenever it’s convenient.

    Finding an orthodontic solution that is right for you shouldn’t take too much and you can always consult with multiple orthodontists to get better pricing, and to find a timeline that might be better for your life schedule. So don’t let a bad smile stop you from making millions online with social media, get your smile fixed and profit from your good looks!