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How can you purchase wholesale spin bikes? 

    Turn on your phone, put on a piece of music you like and follow the dynamic beat. Thus, a calorie burning frenzy is started. Just with a home spin bike, you can replicate the passionate surging in the gym, enjoying a fitness moment exclusive to you. 

    The history traced back to the emergence of the spin bike. 

    The sport of the spin bike sounds modern and novel, like the century’s fashion products, but as a matter of fact, the spin bike has long been born in the last century. Perhaps many people think that the spin bike is just a street bike as we ride to the gym, but they do not know that its history is longer than that of a street bike.

    Looking back to the past life of the fitness bike, its earliest prototype can be traced back to a device called Gymnasticon born in 1741. This kind of device was first used to offer assistance in the treatment of muscle atrophy, paralysis, rheumatic joints and other symptoms, while a street bike was just invented in France after a full half century. And the emergence of the spin bike used from physical therapy to professional fitness mostly relies on a South African bike racer named Johnny Goldberg.

    In 1993, Johnny Goldberg designed an adjustable resistance, simulating real-road conditions, and combined with music, visual effects of the indoor spin bike, not only that, he also developed a series of exercise courses, known as the world’s first dynamic cycling coach. Since then, cycling as an effective way to fitness came into the public, and then in a short period of time, it achieved a rapid popularity of the world.

    Reasons for the wide popularity of the spin bike in the fitness industry. 

    The reason why the spin bike has survived a century of years but still dominates the fitness market can be related to its unique charm.

    On the one hand, cycling itself is a very good aerobic metabolic exercise, and is also relatively friendly for the human body. And even novices can easily manage it. The body is supported by a larger area in the process of exercise, involving only the human body’s knee extension and knee flexion movements. The spin bike is of a higher safety factor, and the risk of sports injuries to the human body is small.

    On the other hand, cycling can produce a high fat-burning efficiency, 400-500 calories of unit length can be burnt in 45 minutes, equivalent to an hour and a half of outdoor running. It can be targeted on the buttocks, thighs and other large muscle groups to the role of bodybuilding, enhance the body’s lower limb strength, and significantly improve the body’s cardiorespiratory function.

    How to purchase suitable spin bikes?

    As the saying goes, if you want to be good at what you do, you must make a good preparation. Picking a good spin bike will let you get twice the result with half the effort. So first of all, we need to understand the judging of several important dimensions of the spin bike – smoothness, resistance, brakes and sound, which are the key factors. 

    Smoothness and stability are the most important of a spin bike. Actually, no one wants to encounter the embarrassment of the bike jam when they are in their full power training. The key to determining the smoothness of the bike is the weight of the flywheel. Generally speaking, the greater the weight of the flywheel, the riding experience will also be upgraded.

    There also exist noise problems in the process of cycling, which is related to the transmission and braking device of the spin bike. Currently on the market, there are mainly chain-drive and belt-drive modes of the spin bike, of which the former is noisy, while the latter does not have noise distress. Our wholesale spin bikes are not only silent and smooth, but also configured with a compression wheel anti-de-rail device and multi-slot structure brand belt, which are definitely stable and smooth. Long-term wear and tear of the braking system will lead to brake and resistance failure, and even plastic parts and flywheel friction generated abnormal sound. Our wholesale spin bikes use manual magnetic control resistance adjustment system without wear and tear, but with good resistance control transition, so that physical friction will not bring about the loss and noise.

    The spin bike sport is a long exercise time fitness equipment, so comfort is also particularly important, like the cushion and foot cover. Although both of them are only small parts of a spin bike, but over time, if the design is not scientific, it will greatly reduce your exercise experience and sports effect. Our wholesale spin bikes are committed to providing more ergonomic design of the body, for people of different heights and weight to choose at will. With wider and larger cushion and softness performance upgrades, the pedals are used with bearing type, weight, pressure and wear resistance to improve performance, to effectively avoid uneven force feet slipping and improve the safety of the sport.

    In addition, our wholesale spin bikes are also equipped with intelligent modules. Through the cell phone port of the small program for direct connection, people can experience teaching courses, ranking interaction, fitness plans, data management and other intelligent functions, so that fitness is made more intelligent.


    We are pleased to offer you the best prices on high-quality spin bikes. Our business vision is based on the use of eco-friendly materials and 100% customer satisfaction. If you wish to purchase wholesale spin bikes, please feel free to contact us at any time and place your orders on any production date.