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How Cancer Can Be Killed: A Comprehensive Guide to Fighting Back

    Did you know that in 2018 there were about 1,735,350 new cancer cases in The United States? Also, there were over 600,000 people who lost their lives to cancer. Cancer is an ugly disease and it affects almost everyone at some point in one way or another. 

    The most common cancers are breast cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer. However, these cancers and others just might be beaten. If you’ve ever wondered if “cancer can be killed? keep reading to find out.

    Cancer Treatments That Work

    Not all cancers are the same and not all cancer treatments are the same as well. The type of cancer treatment you get depends on several factors.

    Factors such as what kind of cancer you have, what your health history is like, and also, how far along cancer has progressed. 


    Surgery can be a great enemy of cancer. With surgery, the cancer is removed from your body. But, it doesn’t always have to involve a knife or scalpel.

    Cryosurgery is great to stop cancer in the early stages. Cryosurgery happens when liquid nitrogen or argon gas produces extremely cold temperatures. At that point, any abnormal tissue gets destroyed and therefore the cancer is removed.

    Laser surgery is another less invasive form of surgery to fight cancer. There’s also Photodynamic Therapy which is not as invasive either. 

    Cancer Killing Foods

    There’s increasing evidence showing that certain foods can fight, prevent, or even kill cancer. Most of your meals should be two-thirds plant-based. Foods rich in folate are great cancer fighters.

    Also, you should make sure your diet is low in saturated fats. Some research suggests that Vitamin D can help prevent cancer. 

    Tea is also good if you want to fight or prevent cancer. The flavonoid kaempferol in tea has shown great promise to battle cancer. 

    Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts have also been shown to ward off cancer. 


    In a recent study this past July done by Developmental Cell, researchers discovered that a fatty acid called DGLA was able to kill human cancer cells. DGLA is found in tiny amounts inside our bodies. But, it’s not often or easily consumed. 

    Car-T Cell Therapy

    Car-T Cell Therapy is a kind of immunotherapy. It teaches your body how to kill cancer. It allows your body to recognize and then get rid of cancer inside. 

    Car-T Cell Therapy helps the body recognize that it needs to fight cancer with white blood cells. Oftentimes your body doesn’t realize that it needs to react and kill off cancer in your body. Read on here to learn more.

    Cancer Can Be Killed

    Now you know that cancer can be killed. It can be killed with different types of surgeries, eating the right foods, and drinking tea. It can also be killed by the fatty acid DGLA as well as CAR-T Therapy. 

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