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How CBD Oil Works For Anxiety And Depression?

    Anxiety is something that happens when there is too much pressure put on us by ourselves or work. It is an extremely crucial response of our body which can help us cope with threats.


    These responses help us recognize when we are in a threatening situation. They are also responsible for motivating us and acting to fix a situation (such as study harder, work harder, pay bills, fix relationships).


    However, if we do not control these responses, then they can soon become maladaptive and make a huge impact on our work and relationships. Stress, anxiety, and depression must be treated as soon as possible.


    As per the latest researches about anxiety disorders, around 18% of the population in the United States experience the ill effects of anxiety. So clearly, this is no joke. Several drugs have been developed by big pharmaceutical companies to help people deal with anxiety.


    CBD or cannabidiol is one of the extremely valuable compounds extracted from cannabis which can help people dealing with anxiety and depression.


    What is CBD or Cannabidiol?


    CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound extracted from cannabis which is later distilled with other oils (such as coconut oil) to form CBD oil. CBD oil consists of a lot of chemicals known as cannabinoids which bind to the specialized receptors in the human brain.


    One of the best-known cannabinoids is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC causes the sensation of getting ‘high’, just like when people use marijuana. Whereas, CBD is not psychoactive like THC and it does not produce the ‘high’ sensation.


    Being non-psychoactive is what makes CBD a better option for most people. It does not tamper your mind activities.


    CBD oil is edible, so it can be added to food or used as a cooking oil. It can also be taken as a medication by consuming a few drops.


    However, CBD oil must not be smoked. There is no research which found that CBD oil is beneficial when smoked.


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    How CBD oil can help you deal with Depression and Anxiety?


    CBD oil works with a brain receptor called CB1. Receptors are basically tiny proteins that are attached to the cells which receive chemical signals from different stimuli. They are the reason why your cells respond.


    Serotonin is an important chemical in your body which works with your mental health. The way CBD affects the brain receptor CB1 is by altering these serotonin signals. In most cases, a big cause of anxiety is not having enough serotonin.


    Most doctors and medical practitioners suggest using SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) as a medicine to treat low levels of serotonin.


    CBD oil can be used as an alternative to this SSRIs for anxiety and depression management. However, it is recommended to consult your doctor before making any changes to the treatment plan.


    What are the side effects of using CBD oil?


    In general, CBD oil is safe to use but some of the users experienced some side effects such as: –


    1. Mood Changes
    2. Fatigue
    3. Dry Mouth
    4. Gastrointestinal Discomfort
    5. Dizziness


    Remember to not suddenly stop the medication you were using and start using CBD oil. Stopping an ongoing medication suddenly can cause some withdrawal symptoms such as: –


    1. Nausea
    2. Dizziness
    3. Fogginess
    4. Irritability


    Conclusion: –


    CBD oil in a risk-free way that can help you solve a lot of health problems such as anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, and many more. Remember to use high-quality CBD oil and consult with your doctor before starting the treatment.


    We hope after reading this article, your questions regarding anxiety and depression treatment with CBD oil are clear now. Good luck!