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How Colloidal Silver Can Change Your Life for the Better

    Silver is one of the high-valued minerals that can be found in the earth. It is used to make expensive jewelry and even furniture and artwork. But nowadays, the colloidal silver benefits have been researched by many for medical use.

    During the ancient times, colloidal silver was used in medical treatments. It was once believed to be able to cure infections which were later on proved to be true. Due to many research, colloidal silver was discovered to be not only an infection medicine but it has other health benefits. Here are some benefits colloidal silver has that can change your life for the better.


    Colloidal silver is known to be used as an effective bacteria remover. Its ions can easily attach to bacteria and develop blocking effects in the cell membrane. It can destroy 600 different pathogens that can cause disease. Another good thing about colloidal silver, it is a good alternative to antibiotics. Antibiotics is an effective antibacterial agent however it has a negative effect on the immune system of the body because it targets both good and bad cells. On the other hand, colloidal silver only kills bacteria cells.


    Colloidal silver is known to be the fastest element to relieve inflammation. According to experiments, inflamed skin is nearly back to normal after 72 hours when silver elements are present on the skin. Other inflammatory treatments take a week or more to reach the same effect silver can give in just three days.


    Virus is as dangerous as bacteria. It moves fast and can spread in the body within hours. It is difficult to kill viruses because of their speed. They can cause damage to the human body faster than they can be killed. Luckily, silver ions are faster than viruses. Silver is capable of suffocating viruses and preventing further spreading of the virus. It has a tremendous effect on people with HIV or AIDS. It is also a good treatment for Hepatitis C.


    Colds are pretty common among children, especially the common cold. It is also a very infectious ailment because being in contact with a person with colds can transfer the condition to you. But like other infectious diseases, silver can prevent this. Experiments proved that 9 out of 10 people were fully cured of the common cold when they were given a mixed solution of colloidal silver and beta glucan.

    Ear Infection

    Ear infection is a very complicated disease. Antibiotics had trouble clearing infections in the ear. Ear infections are mostly not made up of only a single kind of bacteria or various. It is made up of various bacteria and viruses. There are cases that a fungus is the cause of the infection. Luckily, colloidal silver can target all of these bacteria, viruses and even fungi. It can not only kill them all but it is also fast acting.


    Cases of flu like the common cold are also an infectious disease. But like colds, colloidal silver can stop its infectious effect and can kill the bacteria causing it. Silver has been proven and tested to cure a lot of kinds of flu, including swine flu and influenza.

    Pink Eye

    Pink eye is a virus or bacteria causing disease in the eye. It produces a sticky substance on the eyeball. This causes itchiness and high infections around the eyeball. Colloidal silver is proven to be able to cure this. By dropping a few drops of liquefied colloidal silver, the silver element will attract all the bacteria and viruses. The silver will help in flushing the bacteria out through the bloodstream.


    Pneumonia is very complicated to combat. A lot of the medicines today could not fully combat it. Antibiotics were the most effective among them. However, it is also known to have terrible effects on the immune system. But luckily, recent studies show that silver can be the number cure for the said lung disease. Since silver has the capacity to eliminate any form of pathogens, it can cure Pneumonia without harming the immune system.


    Silver was discovered to have positive effects on allergy triggered diseases. It can flush out the allergens in the body especially the ones in the nasal cavity. This is why silver infused substance are used to cure sinusitis. The curing process can be done by using silver as a nasal spray.

    Wound Treatment

    Silver is not only good for clearing bacteria and viruses. It is also efficient in blood clotting. Not only silver kills the bacteria to clean the wound. It also speeds up the blood clotting process. It also fades the marks of the wound in a very short time.

    There a lot more uses for colloidal silver other than what has mentioned above. It can also help in sinusitis and wound treatment. Recently, silver is considered a beauty element for its amazing effect on the skin. Silver is not only for beautification in and out. It is also used to save lives.