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How CoolSculpting Can Be Beneficial

    Sometimes people are self-conscious about the weight in certain areas of their bodies. Often they are unable to get rid of it despite exercise and healthy habits. CoolSculpting involves freezing the fat cells in the area and causing them to break down. 

    Coolsculpting® Elite in Shreveport helps contour your body in a manner desirable to you and boosts your self-confidence. A custom treatment plan is designed for you based on the results you are seeking and where you want them. 

    Advantages of CoolSculpting:

    • No Surgery – Often body contouring procedures require surgeries that might lead to damage in surrounding organs and blood vessels and anesthesia complications. CoolSculpting is the most suitable alternative since it requires no surgery. It simply targets the fat cells and uses lower temperatures to get rid of them with minimal chances of reappearing. It is safe and does not cause damage to the surrounding or internal parts of the body. 
    • Little to No Side Effects – While surgical procedures might need you to miss work to rest and heal properly, CoolSculpting has very few side effects. After your treatment appointment, you are free to continue with your daily activities. The body discards the excess fat cells through the lymphatic system. There might be slight sensitivity, redness, bruising, or swelling in the area where the applicator is placed. The process itself is painless with low-intensity consequences. 
    • Effective – CoolSculpting has the approval of the Food And Drug Administration (FDA). It has proven efficient by getting rid of up to 20-25% of the fat in a single session. Results are seen in a short timespan, and continue it in a multitude of short sessions until you are satisfied with them. It can be applied in various parts such as the double chin, bra bulge, thighs, love handles, abdomen, back, under buttocks, and arms. The treatment is recommended when you are presently in your target weight range but cannot lose stubborn fat. Check with a professional whether you are eligible for the treatment. 
    • Improves Self-Confidence – When a person achieves their desired body type, they feel confident about their appearance. Improved self-esteem benefits a person’s psychological, physical, and overall health. It gives them a feeling of personal worth and benefits their quality of life. They no longer feel the frustration and insecurity they had over stubborn fat areas with the help of the long-lasting results CoolSculpting provides. 

    Your specialist can help you understand how the procedure works, what exactly you should expect, specific guidelines you should follow, and helpful aftercare tips. They curate a plan for treating the areas you want by understanding your wants and using their expertise.