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How Deep Pressure Relieves A Child’s Anxiety

    Being anxious does not happen exclusively to adults. Even children, who might seem carefree and happy most of the time, can experience being anxious. 


    The condition is called “Childhood Anxiety,” where kids feel fear or nervousness due to their lack of understanding, control, and shortness in development.


    It pains parents to witness their kids panic and fear things that might seem reasonable for older people. Fortunately, there are natural and harmless ways for parents to calm their children!


    Natural Anxiety Relievers

    As a parent, it’s your responsibility to calm your child during anxiety attacks and teach them how they can soothe themselves as well.


    Adults typically take medications and treatments for anxiety; methods that kids are not allowed to use yet. Instead, you can use these following techniques that are natural and safe to treat your kids.

    1. Perform Deep Pressure Therapy


    One recommended technique to relieve a child’s anxiety is through pressure. To do this, you must put firm pressure— but still gentle, on your child’s body. The weight provides them a sense of comfort and security, helping them break free from their anxiousness!


    Use a weighted garment. An example is a weighted anxiety blanket, to mimic the feeling of hugs and squeeze the feeling of anxiety out of them.

    2. Teach Your Children Proper Breathing Exercises


    When fear rises, change occurs in the brain, including shortness in breath. You need to teach your children how they can produce soothing and slow movements, as well as concentrated and proper breathing.


    You can also perform yoga exercises with them to help them unwind easier. Choose pleasant, simple positions like the tower position or the child posture. Lastly, focus on helping to keep your child relax profoundly.

    3. Immense them Into Art Projects


    Also known as Art Therapy, letting your child create art projects help them blow off some steam. Yes, just like adults, even kids need to unwind! 


    You can enroll them in Art workshops that can help them create artworks and meet new kids at the same time. Another excellent way to make them show their artistry is to let them do it at home.  


    For instance, you can make them use their weighted anxiety blanket as their canvas. The kids can paint, dye, or draw on the blanket to give it a personalized touch!


    What Are Weighted Blankets?

    Weighted anxiety blankets are types of blankets that have more weight into them and therefore, transfers more pressure into the body. The fabric can specify the sensation of the garment and how convenient it is to clean. 


    A weighted blanket is made thicker by several distinct fabrics. Using glass beads or metal pellets are two of the most used and popular types. You can also find weighted anxiety blankets that use rice and millet but as much as possible, stay away from those with lead content.

    How It Helps

    A prescription-free method to enhance serotonin and produce a comforting impact is the use of weighted blankets for kids both with and without developmental disabilities. 


    Kids who struggle with focusing can take advantage of weighted instruments to help them calm down and concentrate on positive behavior.


    People with an obsessive-compulsive disorder may receive pressure relief by using weighted anxiety blankets. The discharge of serotonin encourage calm and comfort your kids as well as encourage relaxation. 


    It also helps conditions like anxiety, nightmares, trauma, and depression. You can buy these blankets online or through physical stores and other trusted online shopping sites which offer quality weighted anxiety blankets that aim to help every customer in need.


    Remember, you and your child don’t have to suffer from stress and anxiety. Create a worry-free environment for the both of you using these harmless methods. Surely, you will see the relief!