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How do HCG injections work?

    You do not have to feel depressed with weight loss, yet there are effective means that can help you. You can achieve that lean physique within a short time with little hassle. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin that is a pregnancy hormone injection has been used for decades to treat a variety of medical conditions such as infertility in both men and women. Besides, when coupled with a meal plan, it has helped many during their weight loss journey. You only need to purchase the HCG injections with a medical prescription, as they are not available over the counter. However, you can order and make purchases online and enjoy its benefits.

    How do HCG injections lead to weight loss?

    Weight loss HCG injections, also called HCG shots, can boost your efforts on weight loss alongside the recommended quantity of low-calorie diet. The supplement does not access the body fats, which nourish and protect vital organs. However, the injection tries to eliminate fats around the waist, chins, arms thighs, among other areas of the body. (1)

    During pregnancy, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin ensures the baby receives enough calories by availing the mother’s fat to it. This hormone is independent of the mother’s calorie intake or the food she consumes. The same concept applies when you use the HCG diet and injection for weight loss. When you induce the hormone in the body, energy production becomes essential. The 500 calories meal plan daily is not enough to provide the energy that the body needs. The alternative source of energy is for the HCG to accesses your body fat by sending signals to the brain, which directs the body to use that body fat first.(2)

    The injection accelerates the weight loss process by releasing the extra body fats into the bloodstream. The results are noticeable within the first few days, whereby HCG shots eliminate the continuous sensations associated with hunger and cravings through improved metabolism. (3 )

    How to administer HCG injection

    The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin injection for weight loss is administered directly injected into the muscles. Tender areas should be avoided, and regions of injection changed regularly.

    An HCG injection kit consists of:

    • A syringe
    • A vial of  HCG dry powder
    • Alcohol wipes
    • A vial of HCG  bacteriostatic water

    You do not need someone to give you a shot. Just follow the steps highlighted on how to mix the injection contents and inject the diet into your body safely.

    • Wash your hands thoroughly
    • Wipe the top surface of both bacteriostatic water vial and HCG vial
    • Pull back the syringe plunger to expel the air and insert the needle into the rubber top and invert the vial
    • Draw 5ml of the content  and inject it into the side of HCG vial
    • To mix the contents, roll the vial between the palms of your hand
    • Keep the mixture refrigerated because you only need a dosage of 0.18ml to 0.20ml daily 

    How to give yourself a shot


    • Under skin shot
    • Use the alcohol wipe to sanitize the area that you will inject
    • Pinch some loose skin on the region you need to inject
    • Carefully insert the needle into the skin at either an angle of 900 or 45
    • Before you inject the supplement, pull back the plunger a little bit and check for any signs of blood to ensure that the veins are safe
    • In case there is the presence of blood, replace the needle immediately and check for another spot to administer your supplement
    • If  there is no blood, gently push in the plunger to release the supplement 
    • Remove the needle and discard  it into a waste container
    • Allow the injected area to dry and use a band-aid on it
    • Intramuscular shot
    • Use the alcohol wipe to sanitize the area that you will inject


      • Hold the muscle on the area to be injected firmly and perpendicularly insert the needle with a quick firm motion
      • Release the muscle and pull back the plunger to check for any blood


    • In case there is the presence of blood, replace the needle immediately and check for another spot to administer your supplement
    • If  there is no blood, gently push in the plunger to release the supplement 


    • Withdraw the needle and gently press the injected area with an alcohol swab

    It is essential to follow the instructions carefully, and in case you insert on a tender area, apply some ice pack for about 10 minutes to relive the pain. 

    Do’s and don’ts for the HCG injection to work effectively

    • You should strictly consume the recommended amount of  calories of the meal plan
    • For positive results, you should strictly complete the four diet phases
    • Always drink plenty of water
    • Take your daily shots within a specified time
    •  Please do not leave the injection mixture at room temperature for over 3 hours but Keep it refrigerated
    • Use the injection together with a low-calorie diet for effective results
    • Do not use the mixture in case the color changes
    • Avoid alcoholic drinks when using the HCG injection

    Possible side effects 

    You may experience the following side effects with HCG injection, which might hinder you from getting positive results with your weight loss journey. However, it is advisable to seek medical a case the symptoms persist. (4)

    • headache
    • Nausea 
    • Leg cramps
    • constipation


    When you start your HCG diet, it is crucial to maintain the correct dosage so that you do not feel hunger pangs with your low-calorie diet. Most importantly, you should purchase your supplement from a reputable merchant and check on the reviews of the target product, since your health depends on the best HCG diet. 

    HCG diet helps to eliminate fat in stubborn areas without interfering with fat surrounding vital organs. You can either inject the supplement under the skin or do the Intramuscular shot. These weight loss injections may have varying effects that vary from every individual. Always seek advice from a licensed doctor or a medical practitioner before you start the supplement.

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