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How do you treat a calcaneus fracture

    Today more and more people are suffering from calcaneus fractures. This is inevitable due to the modern way of life. However, there are some treatments that you can follow and feel a lot better if you suffer from such a serious injury.

    The calcaneus fracture keeps on being the most painful injury of the feet. It can severely impact your ability to move and can force you to get orthotics aid. This is done due to several anatomic reasons that have to do directly with the gait anatomy.

    How are calcaneus fractures happen?


    These are common injuries that come from accidental falls from a great height. In case you are using your legs to land on the ground it is highly likely you will fracture your heels area.

    Additionally, there is also the chance you have a twisting injury to your ankle area. This will lead to severe limitation of your mobility and a painful calcaneus fracture. Not to mention, that this situation can also aggravate other inflammatory diseases in the area.

    By far, the most common reason to have a calcaneus fracture has lately been the motor vehicle collision. This happens when you are involved in a car or motorbike accident where your body weight is suddenly passed through your heel bone.

    Which are the symptoms of a calcaneus fracture?


    Patients that come to the doctor and have suffered a major injury to the heel area are all candidates to be diagnosed with calcaneus fracture. The most common symptoms are:

    •       Bruising and swelling in the heel area
    •       Extreme pain
    •       Seeable deformities on the heel area skin and joints
    •       Severe limitations in the mobility – Patients complain they can’t put weight on the heels


    There are multiple other signs that you may suffer from such a painful situation. However, it is obvious that most of the times you will seek the experts’ advice.

    Possible treatment options for calcaneus fractures


    The only person responsible to give you thorough advice about the possible calcaneus fracture treatment is your doctor. Your physician is going to propose a certain treatment after a careful physical examination and some diagnostics that will be ordered.

    Additionally, your doctor will estimate the real cause of your injury as well the combined overall level of your health. These two indicators are crucial to take the wiser decisions. However, there is a great chance that treatment may alter according to special issues like:

    •       Grade of injury.


    This is important since the 3rd grade fractures are usually more difficult to treat and have less good prognosis that the others.


    •       Soft tissues possible damage.

    In case the fracture has damaged your muscles and ligaments this may ban several treatment options.

    You need to choose the best shoes for calcaneal fracture that will help you to relief.


    Treatment options for calcaneal fractures


    Most of the people don’t know that the best shoes for wear after foot surgery could give you the chance to opt for non-surgical treatments. However, in case you are having a massive fracture then the surgical treatment in a one-way possibility.

    Non-surgical treatments require some pain and non-inflammatory medications. But above all it requires a better shoes quality that can be easily provided these days. Most of the shoe brands are now offering you the chance to rehabilitate a lot easier when suffering from a calcaneus fracture.

    This kind of footwear has an enhanced cushioning on the heel and foot curve areas that is going to provide you a better embracement of the suffering area. Not to mention, that you will be ready to use orthotics any time you need.



    Shoes are the optimal solution for people that need to undertake non-surgical treatments for their calcaneal fracture. They can relieve you from the pain felt and you can always get stylish on them.

    These shoes should be able to have a comfortable upper mesh and shaft giving you the chance to wear them easily when needed. The lacing system needs to be innovative and only exert light pressure to the foot arch.

    If you want to treat yourself from calcaneus fracture with natural methods, then you should primarily change your pair of shoes. This is an imperative for all people who are trying to get rid of their calcaneus fracture.