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How do you use a U-part wig?

    First, we should have a clear idea about the U-part wig. What is it? A U-part wig is a human hair extension. It is made by sewing artificial hair on a U-shaped cap. Different types of U-part wigs are available. You can buy a center, side, or a middle U-part wig according to the style you need. It offers you to blend the wig hair with your natural hair and provides you with gorgeous natural-looking hair. However, you need to know how to use a U-part wig properly.

    How to set up a U-part wig?

    By following these steps, you can set up your wig properly.


    1st step: Head measurement

    At first, you have the right measurement of your head. To get this, you have to put a U part wig on your head. This measurement will help you to know how much wig hair needs to give you a seamless look.

    2nd step: Part your hair

    Part your hair by using a rattail comb. Make this part by matching with the shape of the U-part wig at your crown. Also, make a narrow section part from the hairline to your ear. It will be useful when you style your hair.

    3rd step: Create a foundation

    After giving good shape by parting, now you have to flat your residual hair as possible so that you can place your wig evenly. Then braid or twist your hair to the ends. After that, smooth your hair with the help of hair gel.

    4th step: Wig it out

    Hold both sides of the U-part wig and place it on your head and snap all the clips to cover the braids. It has some clips by default at the downstairs of the U-part wig to fit it properly. For this, the U-part wig stays flat on the head.



    5th step: Adjust the wig

    We mentioned in previous steps that U-part wigs come with some clips and some adjustable strap to ensure the seamless fit. If you face any problem to get a proper fitting, you can use these straps also to secure the wig and reduce the sliding risk of it on your head

     6th step: Mask hair extensions

    The setup of your wig is almost completed. Now release making part of your hair through the sides and the crown to blend your natural hair to your wig. Finally, comb your hair with the help of a wide-tooth comb to make a pretty finish.

    How will you care for a U-part wig?

    U-part wigs are expensive to buy. So, you should take care of it to use it for a long time.

    Handle it with care

    Always hold the U-part wig by its edges gently. Since the wig is made of sheer mesh, pulling or tugging it may cause its shape changes.

    Wash and condition your wig

    If the wig is made by a human’s hair, it’s possible to wash. You can wash it by using shampoo or any other moisturizing hair care products. You can use conditioner to nourish hair and to get luminous shine.

    Comb it with a wide tooth comb

    If you want to keep your wig always fresh and shiny, comb it regularly with a wide tooth comb. It is the best way to maintain the freshness of your hair and prevent knots, tangles without much fuss.

    Avoid heat-generating hair dryer

    We advise you not to use a hair dryer on your half wigs or u part wig.but you can use a cool blow dryer. Excessive heat may damage your wig. On the other hand, cool air generating hair dryers will help to keep your hair always dry and ensure the proper shape of your wig.