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How Does Ketamine Therapy Help with Depression?

    Most people have got used the medical indications of a famous remedy called ketamine. We associate it with ketamine therapy for pain. It’s a powerful pain reliever that is commonly used as an infusion during surgical operations. However, ketamine therapy is likewise implemented to treat depression and similar diseases if the doses are concentrated.


    The outcomes of ketamine therapy for depression are actually highly efficacious and pretty lasting. This therapy treats the consequences of depression similar to antidepressants. Depression and its symptoms appear as a result of chemical imbalance. Neurotransmitters or natural chemicals are answerable for our emotions and mood. Their imbalance is caused by various reasons. Ketamine therapy helps to recover the required balance and thus, overcome depression. Commonly, it’s applied via infusion. Sometimes, it’s applied via a nasal mist.


    However, ketamine infusion therapy differs from the effects of antidepressants. They begin to work in several days. In the meanwhile, ketamine infusion therapy for depression begins to help in some hours. It’s an impressive property, which made this treatment very popular. Besides, it’s prescribed when standard methods are inefficient. Approximately 80% of people who were treated with this medication successfully overcame depression and similar mental deviations.


    What Else Can Ketamine Treat?




    Most people know that ketamine infusion therapy neuropathic pain is a common method to happen. In the meanwhile, it treats depression as well. Moreover, you can see people undergo ketamine therapy for PTSD. Finally, it can be applied to other psychological problems. These are:


    • Anxiety and social anxiety disorders;


    • Panic disorder;


    • Bipolar disorder;


    • Certain phobias.


    Ketamine cures all these conditions. They have regulated thanks to the adequate production of all neurotransmitters. It helps to reduce the negative manifestations of various mental disorders pretty fast and without side effects.


    The infusion must be passed three times during the first week, twice during the second week, and once per week for the next three weeks. Afterward, a maintenance stage begins. The patient receives injection once per month. Doctors don’t commonly appoint a prolonged course of treatment. There is a risk of severe negative reactions. All the procedures must be passed in a clinic. You must be supervised by qualified experts to avoid any possible accidents.


    Are There Any Health Problems Induced by Therapy with Ketamine?




    Different clinical tests and studies have proved the safety of ketamine therapy. However, it may likewise induce some negative consequences. Here are the possible ketamine infusion therapy side effects:


    • Getting high;


    • A euphoric state;


    • Increased blood pressure;


    • Enormous heart rate.


    Fortunately, these consequences are not lasting and/or serious. On the contrary, a ketamine infusion therapy for chronic pain induces multiple side effects, which are more intensive and serious. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about if you prefer ketamine treatment for depression. Side effects quickly withdraw and don’t induce any inconveniences.


    However, you should pass a medical examination if you have some problems with the heart or blood pressure. Besides, you should tell your doctor whether you take other medications. Some of them can contradict with ketamine.