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How dogs can improve our mental health?

    A large number of studies have confirmed the positive influence of pets on the mental state of people. The presence of dogs and other animals in your home has a positive effect on your mood. There are many reasons. Just taking care of someone, who cannot repay you in a material sense, leads people to have a better opinion of themselves. 

    Is there a better feeling than when a dog licks your cheek? 

    In that moment of tenderness, all problems are erased and serenity is restored. How do dogs affect mental health? 

    First of all, pets do not condemn, accept, and support unconditionally, which people often do not receive from family or society. They also encourage us to stay connected to the outside world and engage in physical activities and social contacts. A pet helps us maintain a sense of uniqueness, dignity, and existential meaning. One walk with a dog has a beneficial effect on both mental and physical health. 

    For dog owners, a walk-in nature with a pet helps to relieve stress, clear the head, and clear thoughts. It is just our time, enjoying the silence and the presence of another unobtrusive being. For many dog ​​owners, walking provides valuable time for thinking and making important life decisions.

    For the lonely, it’s a great way to go out and maybe meet another dog owner. Let us also remind you that people who own pets have lower blood pressure, less stress, help babies to develop immune systems. 

    Our fluffy friends make us more sociable, and the support and comfort they give us when we have a bad day is immeasurable. Growing up at home with a dog reduces the risk of developing several types of allergies. 

    Of course, no one wants to live surrounded by dog hair and paw mud, but exposure to dogs also strengthens immunity, which means greater resistance to colds and diseases. 

    Also, childhood spent in the company of a dog is filled with happiness and joy for all family members, especially the youngest. In the company of a dog, our toddlers develop responsibility, empathy and selflessness. To put it simply – they learn how to become proper man one day. 

    The old saying – a dog is man’s best friend – is made up for a good reason. Sometimes they are our best company, even better than people. These smart creatures, dogs, may not speak our language, but they can understand us better than anyone. They are excellent at interpreting our tone in voice, body language, gestures. 

    Very often they can sense our dissatisfaction, anxiety, or depression, and as true loyal friends, they try to eliminate or alleviate it. We are all familiar with the situation when dogs look us straight in the eye for a long time – as experienced therapists, they read our emotions and states. Amazing, isn’t it? 

    Taking care of one animal helps us focus, forget about our problems, and feel needed and wanted. Adopting an abandoned dog can create a sense of meaning and self-esteem – because you have helped a living creature. Of course, the dog does not have miraculous power – we must emphasize that. 

    For people who are “animal persons”, caring for a dog will not be a boring obligation, but a specific relationship that is filled with many beautiful moments together. Life with a dog is a beautiful journey in which we can learn a lot from our four-legged friends. To love, care and respect unconditionally… Sometimes to only way is to give to be given back. Long live our beloved animal.