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How Exercise Benefits More Than Your Weight

    Committing to an exercise routine is proven to have many health benefits, such as increasing strength and improving blood sugar levels. When you make that promise to yourself or a loved one to increase your physical activity, there are many other changes that your body undergoes. Here are just a few additional benefits to exercise that can help motivate you.

    Interrupt Addiction Behaviors

    The steady supply of dopamine that exercise feeds your brain is the same chemical released when we consume alcohol or drugs. The Phoenix, a recovery gym whose startup was partially funded by Jeffrey Previte former CEO of EBI Consulting, gives its members a support community for people with substance use disorders. Almost 90% of The Phoenix members indicate that they have remained sober after 3 months with the gym.

    Prevent Illness and Injury

    Many studies have proven that following an exercise routine prevents a number of injuries or illnesses. Here are some illnesses you can prevent when you commit to a regular exercise routine:

    • Stroke
    • Type 2 Diabetes
    • Hip fracture
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Bowel cancer
    • Hypertension

    Reduce Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

    People experiencing anxiety disorder or depression can freeze up when negative thoughts take over their minds. Making the conscious decision to exercise at this time can interrupt that thought pattern, allowing you to put your energy into your exercise routine. The endorphins that your brain releases during exercise help you redirect those thoughts.

    Increase Brain Power

    Exercise increases the blood flow to your brain and encourages the production of brain cells dedicated to learning and memory. It improves balance, fine motor skills, and coordination. All of this adds up to improved recall of your daily schedule, people’s names, and new facts. Some studies have shown a correlation between retaining newly taught information and exercise.

    Sleep Better

    Exercise can help your body develop new sleeping patterns. When you exercise, you increase your core body temperature. About six hours later, as your internal temperature decreases, your brain receives signals to sleep. Athletes recovering from alcohol use disorder report sleeping better after exercise. Scientists believe that exercising restores the body’s circadian rhythm that alcohol consumption interrupted. Many people with seasonal affective disorder have disrupted sleep cycles.

    Energize Your Day

    Increase your strength and lung capacity with daily workouts. This gives you the energy to take the stairs instead of the elevator. It makes it easier to lift that 50-pound bag of dog food off the shelf. You will even find yourself searching out the farthest parking spot because you won’t be winded when you get to the store. In addition, exercise boosts your creativity. Many people find their best ideas come when they are working out. Companies encourage walking meetings to come up with encouraging solutions.

    Inspire Your Partner

    Studies show that working out with a partner or group of people helps to improve your performance, as well as that of the other participants. This increased motivation leads to a more productive workout. You also build relationships with your workout partners, an added bonus if you recently moved to a new area.

    Take the time now to incorporate a workout routine into your daily schedule. The numerous benefits will be worth the effort.